Which Boeing is faulty?

Which Boeing is faulty?

Little more than six months after Boeing’s 737 Max was cleared to fly again by US regulators, the aircraft finds itself under intense scrutiny once again. The discovery of a potential electrical problem last month led to the renewed grounding of more than 100 aeroplanes, belonging to 24 airlines around the world.

What plane has been grounded by the FAA?

Boeing 737 MAX
A Boeing 737 MAX 7 aircraft lands during an evaluation flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, September 30, 2020. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Thursday said 106 Boeing 737 Max airplanes have been grounded worldwide by an electrical issue and said the U.S. planemaker is still working on a fix.

Why is Boeing going down?

Boeing Stock Falls As Company Cuts Guidance For 787s Deliveries. Shares of Boeing found themselves under pressure after FAA stated that new problems were found near the nose of certain 787 planes that were produced but not delivered.

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What Boeing plane was grounded?

The Boeing 737 Max 8. Two years after it was banned from flying passengers, the Boeing 737 Max has been cleared to return to the skies in much of the world.

What Boeing planes have been grounded?

How many main slat track assemblies were manufactured incorrectly?

The FAA has received a report from Boeing indicating that 148 main slat track assemblies from a set of lot numbers were manufactured incorrectly and are affected by hydrogen embrittlement. Main slat track assemblies that are affected by hydrogen embrittlement have reduced strength.

What does ad stand for on a Boeing 737?

The FAA is adopting an airworthiness directive (AD) for certain The Boeing Company Model 737-700C, -800, and -900ER series airplanes.

Is it safe to fly a Boeing 737-8?

The FAA has determined that the identified unsafe condition also exists on Boeing Model 737-8 and -9 (737 MAX) airplanes. Boeing is currently developing service information that will address the unsafe condition for these airplanes.

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