What to do if you saw a spoiler?

What to do if you saw a spoiler?

Replace the thought of the spoiler with a different one. Try substituting the unwanted thought with a different one whenever it pops up. You could replace the memory of the spoiler with the plot of another TV show that you’ve already watched, for example. An alternative is to fill your mind with opposing thoughts.

What do you mean by spoilers?

1 : a person or thing that spoils something A spoiler beat the predicted winner. 2 : a device (as on an airplane or automobile) that controls the flow of air and lift. 3 : information about the plot of a book, movie, or television show that spoils the surprise or suspense for a reader or viewer.

What is the spoiler warning?

Definition of spoiler alert : a reviewer’s warning that a plot spoiler is about to be revealed.

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How do you use spoiler in a sentence?

Spoiler sentence example

  1. Remember a spoiler is just a tease of what could be.
  2. This lower beam is integrated into the XC90’s structure and is neatly concealed behind the spoiler .
  3. A new rear spoiler is common to all models.
  4. All chapters therefore come with a ‘ spoiler alert ‘.

Are spoilers good?

Research has found that sometimes spoilers can increase what we call “processing fluency,” which means that knowing what’s going to happen ahead of time makes it easier to make sense of the events that are actually taking place in the story.

Do spoilers make you enjoy more?

Psychology professor Nicholas Christenfeld at UC San Diego has found that spoilers make you enjoy a story more. “What we found, remarkably, was if you spoil stories they actually enjoy them more,” Christenfeld said.

What is spoiler in Instagram live?

A spoiler, in IT and elsewhere, is a message or image that reveals something significant about a piece of media or a piece of software. It is called a spoiler because it spoils the surprise for someone else who has not yet seen or used the thing that the message is about.

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What’s another word for spoiler?

Find another word for spoiler. In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for spoiler, like: pamperer, looter, mollycoddler, plunderer, despoiler, coddler, pillager, raider, freebooter, Woopsy and spoilers.

What are airplane spoilers?

Spoilers are small, hinged plates on the top portion of wings. Spoilers can be used to slow an aircraft, or to make an aircraft descend, if they are deployed on both wings. Spoilers can also be used to generate a rolling motion for an aircraft, if they are deployed on only one wing.

What is the meaning of spoiler in Instagram?

What is another word for spoiler?