What is the salary of honorary captain?

What is the salary of honorary captain?

Average Indian Army Honorary Captain salary in India is ₹ 6.9 Lakhs for employees with experience between 30 years to 31 years. Honorary Captain salary at Indian Army ranges between ₹ 2.5 Lakhs to ₹ 11 Lakhs.

What is the rank of honorary captain in Indian army?

Current ranks

Rank group General/flag officers Junior officers
Indian Army v t e
Field marshal फ़ील्ड मार्शल Captain कप्तान
Honorary/ War time rank

What does honorary captain mean?

held or given only as an honour, without the normal privileges or duties.

How can I become a Subedar in Indian Army?

As Junior Commissioned Officers Minimum 03 years embodied service +07 ATCs for JCOs of Territorial Army. – Should be below 50 years of age for Naib Subedar and Subedar and below 52 years of age for Subedar Major. – Should possess Army Third Class English and Army First Class Certificate of Education or Matriculation.

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Is Subedar Major gazetted officer?

The Subedar Major’s and other Junior Commissioned Officers of the Indian Army is equivalent to Group-B Gazetted Officers in India.

What is the meaning of honorary rank?

honorary rank. That which merely gives a title and precedence, without any command being attached to that rank.

What is the salary of an honorary lieutenant in Indian Army?

Honorary Lieutenant is promoted to the rank honorary captain. According to the Indian Army, salary by rank 61,300 Rs is given to this rank. The first rank in the commissioned officers category, Indian Army Lieutenant salary is 56,100 Rs, and the retirement age is 52 years of age.

What is the rank of a captain in the Indian Army?

In the Indian Army , Captain is a rank senior to Lieutenant and below a Major . On completion of two years service and having cleared the Young Officers course one becomes a substantive captain . On completion of six years service and clearance of Part B exam one becomes a substantive Major .

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Do honorary lieutenants and honorary captains get paid after feting?

Before the 6th CPC, the Honorary Lieutenants and Honorary Captains used to get only an additional pay and allowance after being feted, but it did not match that of commissioned officers. Of the 11 lakh Army personnel, about 45,000 are for the officer cadre, over 2 lakh are JCOs and the rest other ranks.

What is the rank of commissioning officer in Indian Army?

Ranks And Salary Structure Of Commissioned Officers 1 # Lieutenant. This is the first rank that a candidate gets who has been freshly recruited as an officer. 2 # Captain. A person who has served as a lieutenant in the Indian army for at least 2 years, is eligible to become a captain in the Army. 3 # Major.