What is the difference between interaction design and Human Computer Interaction?

What is the difference between interaction design and Human Computer Interaction?

According to Wikipedia Human Computer Interaction involves the study, planning, and design of the interaction between people (users) and computers. Interaction Design is the practice of: understanding users’ needs and goals. designing tools for users to achieve those goals.

What is interaction designer do?

An interaction designer is the person on the design, development, creative or marketing team that helps form and create a design strategy, identify key interactions of the product, create prototypes to test concepts and stay current on technology and trends that will impact users.

Is interaction design UX or UI?

The term “interaction design” is sometimes used interchangeably with “user experience design.” That’s understandable because there’s a huge overlap between interaction design and UX design. User experience design accounts for all user-facing aspects of a product or system. Interaction design is a part of UX design.

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What is the human computer interaction?

Human Computer Interaction is the academic discipline that most of us think of as UI design. It focuses on the way that human beings and computers interact to ever increasing levels of both complexity and simplicity.

What is Human – Computer Interaction degree?

A degree in Human Computer Interaction is available online as a master of science and offers a flexible curriculum. A student opting for the online version of this program can complete it over a period of 2-4 years. Students are required to take around 30-36 course credits and some form of capstone course. Sometimes a thesis is required as well.

What is human interaction design?

Simply, interaction design is a process of connecting the digital world to the human one. It’s making things that are screen-based, appear real and function in the digital realm as they would in the physical space.