What is GMR training?

What is GMR training?

About this course This GMR 2(1) course provides learners training on the key requirements of the Operational Health and Safety Act pertaining to the safe use of plant and machinery. It covers the implementation of the necessary measures and how to manage them.

What is an aviation academy?

Flying Academy is a flight school authorized by the FAA under Part 141 and Part 61. With us you have an opportunity to become an international professional pilot holding FAA Commercial Pilot License of the United States. Courses from Zero experienceCourses for experienced PilotsTime BuildingAccelerated Programs.

What is the fees of Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy?

For CPL training, the fee is Rs. 22.5 lakh approximately, to be paid in instalments. Students will have to pay Rs, 50,000 as security deposit which shall be refunded at the end of the training.

What is Airport Operations Course?

The Airport Management course deals with the smooth and hassle-free operation of activities on the airport. Their aspects are to ensure the gentle working of the airport, maintaining security, offering the best customer service, and organizing state-of-arts events with distinct airport agencies and airlines.

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What is the full form of GMR?

GMR Group

Industry Conglomerate
Founder Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao
Headquarters New Delhi , India
Key people G M Rao Srinivas Bommidala GBS Raju Kiran Kumar Grandhi BVN Rao
Services Airports, Energy, Highways and Urban Infrastructure Development

Why choose GMR Aviation Academy?

At GMR Aviation Academy, we focus on providing soft skill training along with technical expertise in our courses. This enables the students to build their knowledge and competency as per the required industry standard. Developing soft skills is important for professionals in any field.

What does GMR AA stand for?

GMR Aviation Academy (GMR AA) was established at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad in 2009. The objective of the institute was to provide professional training and enhancing the skills of GMR airport staff.

What does gmraa stand for?

GMR Aviation Academy (GMRAA) was established in 2009 at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad. It has a full-fledged unit in Delhi as well.

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Why choose the Indian Aviation Academy?

The academy provides quality aviation training to some of the biggest and busiest International Airports & Aviation Stakeholders across India, Europe, Middle East and South Asia.