What is Dan Rather known for?

What is Dan Rather known for?

Dan Rather, in full Dan Irvin Rather, (born October 31, 1931, Wharton, Texas, U.S.), American newscaster and author who covered some of the most important historical events of his time, including the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the Watergate scandal, during his four decades with CBS.

What is the Killian story?

The Killian documents controversy (also referred to as Memogate or Rathergate) involved six documents containing unsubstantiated critical allegations about President George W. Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard in 1972–73, allegedly typed in 1973. Bush military service controversy.

Who followed Dan Rather?

Glor is the eighth person to be named anchor of CBS Evening News over its 69-year history. He follows Douglas Edwards, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Connie Chung, Bob Schieffer, Katie Couric and Pelley in the role.

What happened Mary Mape?

After Mapes left 60 Minutes, she was either unable or unwilling to return to network news. Instead, the journalist works as a writer — Mapes contributed to the news magazine The Nation in 2007 and 2008 — and earns a living as a consultant.

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Is Dan Rather still doing the big interview?

“The Big Interview With Dan Rather” is returning for its eighth season on April 15, airing at 8 p.m. EST on AXS TV with brand new episodes featuring music legends Huey Lewis and Debbie Harry. “I am honored to return with The Big Interview for an eighth season,” Rather said.

How did Dan Rather meet his wife?

In 1954, Rather enlisted in the United States Marine Corps but was soon discharged because he had rheumatic fever as a child. By this time he had married Jean Goebel, whom he met when she was hired as a secretary at KTRH, and they had two children.

Did Dan Rather win his lawsuit?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A New York state appeals court on Tuesday dismissed former TV newsman Dan Rather’s lawsuit against CBS Corp in which Rather claimed he was made a scapegoat in a scandal over a 2004 report on then-President George W. Bush’s military record.

Where is Mary Mapes today?

Since her broadcast career ended, Mapes has continued to write for publications such as D Magazine and The Nation and works as a consultant. Mapes’ presentation is sponsored by Weber State student newspaper, The Signpost, in conjunction with the Salt Lake Tribune, the Telitha E.

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Is Dan Rather still doing news?

Rather retired from CBS News in 2006 following controversy over a “60 Minutes” story about then-President George W. Rather says he has worked hard to rebuild his career since then, launching his television series “The Big Interview,” writing two books and managing his production company.

What did Mary Mapes do after CBS fired her?

Despite being fired from CBS, Mapes continues to write for various publications. Mapes began the presentation introducing herself, her history and her reporting experiences. She grew up on a farm in Washington.

Was Mary Mapes fired from 60 minutes?

Mary Alice Mapes (born May 9, 1956) is an American journalist, former television news producer, and author. She was a principal producer for CBS News, primarily the CBS Evening News and primetime television program 60 Minutes Wednesday. In 2005, she was fired from CBS for her part in the Killian documents controversy.

Where is Dan Rather living now?

Rather has been honored with numerous Emmy and Peabody Awards for his journalism work, as well as the 2012 Edward R. Murrow Award for Lifetime Achievement. He and his wife, Jean, split their time between their homes in New York City and Austin, Texas. They have two children, daughter Robin and son Danjack.

Why was Dan Rather fired from CBS News?

Dan Rather still stands by the CBS News report that got him fired, nearly a decade and one feature film later. The former anchor’s reputation was tarnished after the accuracy of his 2004 story questioning President George W. Bush‘s military service was publicly disputed by the leader’s administration.

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What happened to Dan Rather’s reputation?

The former anchor’s reputation was tarnished after the accuracy of his 2004 story questioning President George W. Bush ‘s military service was publicly disputed by the leader’s administration. The entire saga was recently dramatized on the big screen in Truth, starring Robert Redford as Rather. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

What happened to CBS and rather’s documents?

CBS and Rather defended the authenticity and usage of the documents for two weeks, but other news organizations continued to scrutinize the evidence, and USA Today obtained an independent analysis from outside experts. CBS finally repudiated the use of the documents on September 20, 2004.

Why did Chuck rather leave CBS News?

“They overwhelmed CBS – they overwhelmed us who reported it – by making the focus not on the hard-rock truth of the story, but rather the process by which we arrived at that truth.” Rather left CBS News behind with ultimately no hard feelings (“I loved CBS and still do”) and continued a successful career in journalism.