What is considered vanity?

What is considered vanity?

: the quality of people who have too much pride in their own appearance, abilities, achievements, etc. : the quality of being vain. : something (such as a belief or a way of behaving) which shows that you have too much pride in yourself, your social status, etc.

What is considered vanity in the Bible?

Wisdom, pleasure, toil, advancement, and riches are all meaningless. The King James Version translation uses the word “vanity” here, meaning something that people do simply out of pride but that ultimately is inconsequential. King Solomon wrote that “everything is a vanity” in Ecclesiastes.

How do you use the word vanity?

Vanity in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because vanity had caused too many girls to be late for classes, all mirrors were removed from the restrooms.
  2. Throughout history, vanity and excess pride have led to the downfall of many great men and women.
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Is vanity positive or negative?

Vanity is, on the surface, usually viewed as a negative—one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Vanity is most often defined either in terms of pride (or ‘inflated pride’ according to the Merriam Webster definition) or in terms of value, with vanity meaning something without value. …

What are the two types of vanity?

Vanities come in six basic types: pedestal, free-standing, floating, vessel, under-mounted sink and cabinet.

  • Pedestal. Requiring very little space, a pedestal sink is the simplest type with no countertop or space for storage.
  • Free-Standing.
  • Floating.
  • Vessel.
  • Under-Mounted Sink.
  • Cabinet.

What is the spiritual meaning of vanity?

In many religions, vanity, in its modern sense, is considered a form of self-idolatry in which one likens oneself to the greatness of God for the sake of one’s own image, and thereby becomes separated and perhaps in time divorced from the Divine grace of God.

What does contentiousness mean?

1 : likely to cause disagreement or argument a contentious issue. 2 : exhibiting an often perverse and wearisome tendency to quarrels and disputes a man of a most contentious nature.

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Is vanity and vain the same thing?

vanity Add to list Share. Vanity is the quality of being vain, or having a ridiculous amount of pride. If you have excessive vanity in your appearance, you probably spend long hours sitting at your vanity table doing your makeup or plucking your nose hairs.