What are the different curriculum models in the Philippines?

What are the different curriculum models in the Philippines?

Curriculum and Instructional Design Models that best fits in the Philippine Education System

  • Pre Spanish Curriculum.
  • Spanish Curriculum.
  • American Devised Curriculum.
  • Commonwealth Curriculum.
  • Japanese Devised Curriculum.
  • Liberation Period.
  • Philippine Republic Curriculum.

What are the curriculum models?

There are three models of curriculum design: subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered design. In higher education, this methodology is typically found in large university or college classes where teachers focus on a particular subject or discipline.

What are the models of giftedness?

Gagné: The Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent proposes a clear distinction between giftedness and talent. His model presents five aptitude domains: intellectual, creative, socioaffective, sensorimotor and “others” (e.g. extrasensory perception).

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What is the government program for gifted students in the Philippines?

B. Another government program for gifted students in the Philippines is the Philippine Science High School System.

What are the 4 curriculum models?

These changes led to the current 5E model: (1) engage, (2) explore, (3) explain, (4) elaborate, and (5) evaluate. In the 5E model, the curriculum is designed to allow students to explore scientific phenomena and their own ideas.

What are the four models of curriculum?

These models are the academic model, the experiential model, the technical model, and the pragmatic model.

Why is the curriculum model important in the education of gifted and talented learners?

allows for differentiation of content, process, product, and learning environment to cater for individual learning needs and allows for expansion in breadth, depth and pace, tailored to each student. addresses the specific social and emotional needs of gifted learners.

What is the clear curriculum model?

The CLEAR Curriculum Model identifies five foundational elements, namely continual formative assessments, clear learning goals, data-driven learning experiences, authentic products, and rich curriculum that encourage engagement and promote achievement for diverse gifted learners.

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What is the model of the enhanced basic education curriculum?

— The enhanced basic education program encompasses at least one (1) year of kindergarten education, six (6) years of elementary education, and six (6) years of secondary education, in that sequence. It consists of four (4) years of junior high school education and two (2) years of senior high school education.

What strategies and programs can you suggest for the successful implementation of the curriculum?

Strategies implemented for this initiative are:

  • Professional Learning Communities SupportEstablish Collaborative Teaming.
  • Develop Learning Targets & Common Formative Assessments.
  • Personalized Learning for All Students.
  • Assessment Analysis & Data Based Decision Making.
  • Continued Development of Curriculum Improvement.

Is there a curriculum framework for Gifted Education?

This paper also presents a proposed curriculum framework to guide teachers in designing curricula for gifted education. The proposed curriculum development model and curriculum framework could serve as a guide in the development of a curriculum for gifted students in all public schools across the country. Amabile, T.M. (1996).

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What is the best book for Gifted and talented learners?

Comprehensive Curriculum for Gifted Learners (2nd ed.), by Joyce VanTassel-Baska, is an excellent resource in helping teachers develop challenging curriculum for gifted and talented students in their classroom. The book is unique in that it focuses exclusively on curriculum development and is geared toward all grade levels.

What is the integrated curriculum model?

Overview: The Integrated Curriculum Model is a curriculum framework and subsequent units of study for classroom use with high-ability learners. Designed to respond to gifted learners’ characteristics through three dimensions: advanced content, higher level processes/product development, and interdisciplinary concepts, issues, and themes.

What is the best curriculum design for the Philippine education system?

From all of these it can be concluded that there is no single best curriculum design or instructional design that will fit to the Philippine Education system.