Is NDA SSB interview tough?

Is NDA SSB interview tough?

SSB interview is the most extensive and toughest among all the interviews conducted for government job examinations. To become an officer in Indian Armed Forces, you have to clear the SSB interview. There are lots of candidates, who have qualified NDA or CDS written exam several times but failed in SSB interview.

Can a commerce student join IMA?

Yes, a commerce stream graduate can be selected for IMA. To join IMA, you have to clear CDSE written exam conducted by UPSC twice a year.

What is the difference between IMA and NDA cadets?

NDA cadets join after 12th or between college depending on age (which as of now is about 16.5 – 19.5 yrs). IMA (oldest military academy and as prestigious as NDA) is where army cadets are sent after 3 yrs at NDA to train for a year.

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What is the role of the NDA?

NDA is one of the few tri-service institutions in the world where the Army, Navy and Air Force cadets are trained together. Thus, NDA is the feeder institution for IMA, AFA and NavAc. The Army cadets are sent to IMA for further service related training. Air Force cadets go to AFA for flying training and Naval cadets go to Naval Academy.

How many years does it take to join NDA after 10+2?

The direct entry cadets have to do one & half years training at IMA,before they are commissioned. Therefore, a cadet who joins NDA,after his 10+2,has to undergo 4 yrs training cum graduation. Direct entry cadets join after their graduation and undergo one & half year’s training,total four & half years after their 10+2.

Does the NDA produce creative military leaders?

The former Army Commander recommends that “The NDA should be producing creative leaders, driven by military ideals, but ends up producing ‘adherent under supervision leaders’ whose NDA traits remain latent and come to the fore when they get higher independent commands.”

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