Is it hard to get in Hong Kong University?

Is it hard to get in Hong Kong University?

The University of Hong Kong is very competitive to get into. The University of Hong Kong has a quota for international students, and because of the large demand from Chinese and Indian students, the acceptance rate has gone down. It is estimated that the acceptance rate is 10\%.

What percentage of students study abroad at UCLA?

20 percent
Approximately 20 percent of UCLA students study abroad during their undergraduate career, which is a testament to the global mindset of our student body as well as to the great programs and assistance available.

What is a good GPA at HKU?

The GPA scale is 0 – 4.3 with A+ as the top grade. Teaching staff should be reminded that the full scale should be used so that students will not be disadvantaged….University Assessment Policy.

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GPA scale
A+ 4.3
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3

What is the UCLA exchange program?

UCLA is proud to have partnerships with universities throughout the world that can provide students a true international experience. The UCLA Exchange program offers an in-depth learning and experiential opportunity that is 360 degrees.

Do I need to brush up my English and Chinese at HKU?

Yes, you need to apply to your Faculty for exemption of Chinese and/or English language requirements if you are eligible for that. Please apply as soon as possible after you are admitted to HKU. I wish to brush up my English and Chinese. Are there any support units that I can approach?

Do I need to make up advanced credits for HKU?

You are not required to make up these “advanced credits” during your course of study at HKU so this might enable you to shorten your overall study period. However, no further advanced standing will be granted after admission to the programme or the deadline stipulated by the Faculty. For enquiry and application, please contact your Faculty Office.

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