How many miles high does a typical airplane fly?

How many miles high does a typical airplane fly?

Commercial aircraft typically fly between 31,000 and 38,000 feet — about 5.9 to 7.2 miles — high and usually reach their cruising altitudes in the first 10 minutes of a flight, according to Beckman. Planes can fly much higher than this altitude, but that can present safety issues.

How close do planes fly to each other?

By law, commercial flights, generally, are not allowed to be within 1000 feet vertically of each other or three to five miles horizontally. Stunt planes fly sometimes 36in away from each other, such as the blue Angels.

How and why planes have to fly so high?

There are very good reasons why planes fly so high in the sky. Air resistance and fuel efficiency . One of the main reasons commercial airplanes fly so high is air resistance. You see, the higher you go above the ground, the thinner the atmosphere becomes, and therefore, the less resistance there is on the flight of the plane.

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A typical commercial jet (most standard flights) cruises at around 28-35,000ft (up to 6.6 miles of altitude). The main exception is Concorde which was designed to fly at a higher altitude (and hence lower wind resistance) at around 45,000ft.

How fast does a plane travel per hour?

The average commercial airplane flies at a speed of about 600 miles per hour. This means the plane is covering almost 10 miles each minute. According to the Guinness Book of World Records , the fastest aircraft so far is NASA ‘s X-43A unmanned jet. It flew at more than Mach 9.

How fast do jets/airplanes fly in miles per hour?

Most jet airplanes take-off at the speed of 150 to 180 miles per hour. Commercial jet planes can have the speed ranging five hundred to six hundred miles per hour on the ground but in the air usually the speed remains constant and can reach up to 650 miles per hour If the winds are too strong.

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