How many 30mm rounds does an A10 carry?

How many 30mm rounds does an A10 carry?

The GAU-8/A is mounted slightly to the port side; the barrel in the firing location is on the starboard side at the 9 o’clock position so it is aligned with the aircraft’s centerline. The gun’s 5-foot, 11.5-inch (1.816 m) ammunition drum can hold up to 1,350 rounds of 30 mm ammunition, but generally holds 1,174 rounds.

What caliber does a warthog shoot?

GAU-8 Avenger

GAU-8/A Avenger
Cartridge 30×173 mm
Caliber 30 mm
Barrels 7-barrel (progressive RH parabolic twist, 14 grooves)
Action Electrically controlled, hydraulic-driven

What are high explosive incisive rounds?

Now the slightly harder one: the High Explosive Incendiary. These rounds are like little grenades. Each one has a fuse that arms about 50 feet in front of the aircraft as it’s on its way to its final destination. The round has an explosive charge for blast, the casing fragments, and a zirconium ring lights things on fire. Yeah, it’s cool.

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What would happen if you got shot by an A-10?

You will see traumatic amputations of limbs, complete destruction of a target (it will shred a soft target), or a rather crude “vaporization” when it hits. The HE rounds Lynn Taylor mentioned are what most A-10s will pack when going to drop the hammer on enemy forces. You don’t even need to be directly hit with one of them in order to get killed.

What is permanent cavity damage from a bullet?

This type of damage is known as “permanent cavity”. The primary result of permanent cavity damage is profuse bleeding. With the second type of bullet damage, the body absorbs the bullet’s energy in front of and around the path of the bullet, causing nearby tissue to stretch and expand as it passes through tissue.

What happens to a bullet when it hits the body?

When they strike, the bullets rotate, and more of their surface hits the body. Bullets can also increase the surface area that transfers energy to targets by expanding, as in the case of hollow-point rounds. The wider bullet also creates a bigger cavity in whatever it passes through.

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