How do I clear my accenture pre onboarding exam?

How do I clear my accenture pre onboarding exam?

To clear assessments for the program, you are required to score minimum 60\% marks in the first attempt test for the program. If you are unable to score 60\% in the first attempt, you will have up to two additional attempts and will be required to score minimum 65\% marks to clear the assessment for the program.

Is Accenture written test easy?

The tests are fairly easy to crack but the real test comes with the interviews. I myself cleared at least 10 aptitudes out of 20 and sat in about 7 interviews only to get my breakthrough with Accenture.

How do I clear my Accenture interview?

Tips to crack Accenture Interview The idea is to stay relevant, be confident and articulate answers clearly. ## Prepare your resume well because most of the questions asked were from my resume. If possible, refer a resume format for freshers to prepare an impactful CV prior to your Accenture job interview.

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Is Accenture test easy?

What is the GFT course at Accenture?

It is basically a 4-6 weeks training program where IT professionals from Accenture ( SSE and above) teach some new technology like SAP, Testing,.NET etc. to the batch of incoming software engineers. Once the GFT gets completed, students are allocated to their projects at different locations based upon the technology on which they are trained

Does Accenture do aptitude test 2021?

Accenture Assessment Tests in 2021. The Ultimate Guide. Accenture’s online assessment and aptitude tests are the main hurdle the applicants need to get through to get the job. On average 50-60\% of candidates get rejected during aptitude testing when they apply for a job with Accenture.

How do I score good in the GFT exam?

There is no need to focus on scoring good in Gft as you are not in college anymore where you need to focus on scores. Try to learn what seniors are telling you in Gft training and always keep the training material with you. Most of the new comers clear the second exam of Gft not the first one.

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What is the minimum percentage required to get into Accenture?

To Accenture, you are a droplet in an ocean. In my batch, there were many students in the (60 score range) but if you don’t get that 65 percentage (RT) or 60 percentage in your first attempt you will be terminated.