Has Yuna Kim won gold?

Has Yuna Kim won gold?

Two-time Olympic medallist Yuna Kim of the Republic of Korea set a new world points record when she won gold at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

What happened to Adelina Sotnikova after Sochi?

Sotnikova, then 17, became Russia’s first Olympic women’s singles champion in 2014, upsetting defending champion Yuna Kim of South Korea. After Sochi, Sotnikova skated just once on the international Grand Prix circuit. Her last competitive skate was a sixth-place finish at the December 2015 Russian Championships.

How many gold medals has Kim Yuna won?

Yuna Kim

Event 1st 2nd
Olympic Games 1 1
World Championships 2 2
Four Continents Championships 1
Grand Prix Final 3 1

Who is Yuzuru Hanyu’s coach?

Brian Orser
Tracy WilsonGhislain Briand
Yuzuru Hanyu/Coaches
With things seemingly repeating themselves four years on – Hanyu suffered ligament damage in his right ankle ahead of next week’s NHK Trophy Grand Prix event – Hanyu’s coach Brian Orser, the Calgary 1988 silver medallist, says he trusts his charge’s experience in dealing with what lies ahead, with an eye on the …

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Did Yuzuru Hanyu win Gold 2021?

The score just barely, by a 0.15 point margin, earned him a spot to the Grand Prix Final. At the Final, he was first in both the short program (94.08 points) and free skate (194.08 points, a new personal best score, and the overall highest free skate score of the season), earning the gold medal.

Did Yuzuru Hanyu win gold?

Hanyu Yuzuru, (born December 7, 1994, Sendai, Japan), Japanese figure skater who at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, became the first Japanese man to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating.

How much does Yuna Kim make?

According to Forbes, Kim is the seventh highest paid female athlete in the world. She earns roughly $9 million a year. The site The Richest estimates Kim’s net worth at around $21 million. A lot of her income stems from endorsements.

What happened to Yuna Kim?

(CNN) — In the final chapter of her storied Olympic figure skating career, South Korea’s Yuna Kim won silver — not able to defend her shot at gold against a Russian teenager who seemingly came out of nowhere to get the top prize. Instantly, there was controversy.

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Who is Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna?

Known as “Queen Yuna” to her legions of fans, Kim’s victory in Vancouver made her the first Korean figure skater to win a gold medal. CNN’s Lateef Mungin contributed to this report.

Who is Anastasia Sotnikova?

Sotnikova, 17, became the first female Russian skater to win in the category. Some pointed out that she had stepped out after landing a triple combination, and others raised questions about the anonymous judging system.

How many triple jumps does Sotnikova have?

Sotnikova’s program had seven triple jumps. Kim, left, and Sotnikova were accompanied by bronze medalist Carolina Kostner of Italy during the flower ceremony. American figure skater Ashley Wagner also slammed the judging Thursday night. She skated without falling but finished seventh behind several skaters that had stumbled on the ice.