Can you dance on any longboard?

Can you dance on any longboard?

In theory, you can get into longboard dancing on any skateboard. Nevertheless, the larger the board and the easier it will be to learn the basic moves and progress. The reason why you need a longboard is you will need extra space to perform fluid, continuous movements like, for instance, cross-stepping.

What is the point of a pintail longboard?

Pintails are designed to mimic a surfboard. They offer a comfortable ride for relaxed leisure cruising along the boardwalk or on bike trails. A pintail can be a nice first longboard for a beginner – assuming it’s a good quality one like the Landyachtz Chief.

What size longboard should I get for dancing?


BOARD LENGTH Children / Smaller Teenagers Women / Smaller Adults / Lighter Adults
Longboard Cruiser 33-36″ 36-44″
Technical Dancing / Longboard Freestyle 40-46″ 40-46″
Boardwalking / Footwork Dancing Tricks 45-60″ 45-60″
Freeride/Downhill 33-36″ 33-36″
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What is the difference between a pintail and Cruiser?

In short, pintails are generally designed for mellow cruising and carving along the beach or on bike trails, thanks to a longer wheelbase and flexy deck. A cruiser, on the other hand, is meant primarily for agile street riding and nimble turns thanks to a shorter, stiffer deck and a tail and/or nose kick.

What are Kicktail longboards good for?

Just as by skateboard the kicktail allows you to lift one end of the boards off the ground and do tricks or hop a curb. It also makes it easier to change your riding direction quicker and avoid collision with the slow pedestrians when you cruise around.

Can you dance on a 41 inch longboard?

The Whip 41 has a firm flex. This means that although the flex is welcoming and comfortable for freestyle and dancing applications, it’s still incredibly valid for freeride and mellow downhill. This is a very good do-everything board and is comfortable for seasoned riders and beginners alike.

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What kind of longboard is best for dancing?

What are the 7 best dancing longboards?

Top dancing longboards Size Price
1. Loaded Bhangra 48.5″ x 9.5″ (WB 32.75″) $398
1B. Loaded Mata Hari (new) 44.5″ x 9.25″ (WB 29.25″) $339
2. Loaded Tarab 47″ x 9.5″ (WB 32.25″) $426
3. Landyachtz Stratus 45.5″ x 9.25″ (WB 29.5″) $230

How do you pick a longboard for dancing?

A good medium to go with in most cases is 65mm. Durometer (Wheel Hardness) should be rated between 80-86A. Harder wheels, just like smaller sizes, will gain speed faster and favor freestyle. Softer wheels will roll longer and favor dancing.