Can I get GMC registration without PLAB?

Can I get GMC registration without PLAB?

Having an acceptable Postgraduate Qualification (PGQ) The postgraduate qualifications that are accepted by GMC for registration are listed here: Acceptable post-graduate qualification. If you have any of the qualification listed here, you don’t have to take PLAB.

Can I work as a doctor in UK without PLAB?

Yes, you read it right, it has now become possible to get jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB! The new regulations announced by the General Medical Council, United Kingdom, opens up job opportunities for doctors in UK with PLAB.

Can I give MRCP without PLAB?

MRCP (Member of Royal College of Physicians) is a core, medical, post-graduate degree that is awarded upon completion of three parts. Students can pursue an MRCP degree abroad without having to write the PLAB exam.

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Do EU medical graduates have to take PLAB?

PLAB stands for the Professional Linguistic and Assessments Board. UK graduates and EU graduates do not need to sit PLAB. In 2024, PLAB will be replaced by the UKMLA which will be required for both UK graduates and non-EU graduates.

Can I work in UK without GMC registration?

You are legally required to be registered with the GMC or eligible for registration in order to practise medicine in the United Kingdom. To get limited registration with the GMC a doctor is required to have secured a job already.

How can I register my GMC without ielts?

Is there any other way to gain GMC Registration without the IELTS? Yes – You can choose to complete a 30-day attachment with an NHS Hospital, who will make a comprehensive judgement on your English language skills. In order to be eligible, you will need to attend a Skype interview with the NHS hospital.

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Can doctors work in UK without GMC registration?

Unregistered medical practice is against the law Doctors practising medicine in the UK must have registration with a licence to practise. It is illegal if they practice medicine without this and is something that we would need to look into.

Can I work in UK without MRCP?

Your first job in the UK is going to be at SHO level and having MRCP or MRCS is not required for this role. Applicants without them are just as likely to get an SHO post. MRCP and MRCS can be cleared while working in the UK. The UK clinical experience will give candidates a higher chance of passing.

How long does GMC registration take?

Once the GMC have this information it will be assessed within 5 working days. In most cases, about 80\%, where a health condition has been declared the GMC will make a decision to approve an application within 4 weeks.

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What is GMC registration?

We protect patients by ensuring all doctors are registered with a licence to practise before they work in the UK. You can search or join the registers, manage your registration or find information about registrations here. Find out more about the register.

How do I apply for NHS UK?

To help you find a job in the NHS simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Register on When you land on the site, go to the ‘Register’ box in the top right hand corner.
  2. Fill in the ‘Personal details’ section.
  3. Fill in the ‘Jobs by email’ section.
  4. Check the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ box.
  5. Click ‘Create’.