Can anybody join NCC?

Can anybody join NCC?

All the regular students of schools and colleges can join the NCC on a voluntary basis. The students have no liability for active military service. The minimum age limit to join NCC is 13 years and the maximum age limit is 26 years.

What is the eligibility to join NCC?

What is the eligibility required to join NCC? (a) Candidate must be a Citizen of India. (b) Candidate must be enrolled in an educational institution. (d) Candidate must be physically fit to meet the prescribed medical standards.

Can a fat person join NCC?

Only obese weight and too short people are SOMETIMES rejected. And those who are physically disabled and mentally unstable will also be not allowed.

Can I start NCC after 12th?

NCC refers to the Indian military cadet corps that offer the qualities of discipline and patriotism among aspirants. The students of the 9th to 12th class can join NCC in junior wings, and students after 12th can participate in high wings.

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What is the age limit for NCC *?

They should have served for a minimum of two/three years (as applicable) in Senior Division/Wg of NCC. The age limit should not be less than 19 years and not more than 25 years. To apply for the posts, candidates can follow these simple steps given below. Visit the official site of Indian Army on

What is the minimum height required to join the NCC?

There is no such limit for minimum height in NCC. I have seen many short heighted cadets in my batch. They have even attended National Level Camps and proved their mettle. There is no official declaration of Minimum Height for joining NCC. It depends upon the recruitment and selection procedure of Cadets in various NCC Batallions.

Are basic physical standards mandatory to be in the NCC?

Yes, basic physical standards are mandatory for you to be in NCC because you will attend camps and you will be provided with basic military training. Luckily, you don’t need to be an ace instead if you maintain a basic physique you will get through.

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What is the minimum height of a a barrier?

A barrier required by must comply with the following: Barrier height: The height of a barrier must be in accordance with the following: The height must not be less than 865 mm above the nosings of the stair treads, the floor of a ramp or the like (see Figure ).

How many push-ups did you do during your NCC Army Wing selection?

During my selection in NCC army wing, our heights and weights were measured. We were made to sit in rows, then I along with 9 more candidates were asked to run 2 rounds of 400m each at and top 5/10 were selected. Then we were supposed to do 15 push-ups.