Why was Gvk suspended?

Why was Gvk suspended?

The Board of Directors of GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd has informed exchanges that the delay in finalising its results and holding annual general meeting was due to a CBI case filed against its subsidiary Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL).

Who is shriya bhupal father?

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Anindith Reddy
Known for Racing
Spouse(s) Shriya Bhupal
Parents Konda Vishweshwar Reddy (father) Sangita Reddy (mother)
Relatives Prathap C. Reddy (grandfather)

Is GVK listed?

Its flagship company GVK Power & Infrastructure Limited is listed on both Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) as NSE: GVKPIL.

Is GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd (gvkp) stock a good investment?

According to our live Forecast System, GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd. stock is a bad long-term (1-year) investment*. “Gvk Power Amp Infrastructure Ltd” stock predictions are updated every 5 minutes with latest exchange prices by smart technical market analysis.

What is your intraday forecast for GVK Power?

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Intraday forecast of Gvk Power is towards sell and stock might move lower. We recommend sell trade which could be profitable for a price target of 2.73 with a stoploss of 2.78 for today or tomorrow. Click here for mid term or long term forecast for Gvk Power

How much is the real price ofgvk in INR?

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd. real time quote is equal to 2.720 INR at 2021-09-09, but your current investment may be devalued in the future. Get Our PREMIUM Forecast Now, from ONLY $8.49!

Is GVK Power AMP Infrastructure Ltd shares in bearish cycle?

According to present data GVK Power & Infrastructure’s Gvk Power Amp Infrastructure Ltd shares and potentially its market environment have been in bearish cycle last 12 months (if exists). Currently there seems to be a trend where stocks in the Other Transportation and Warehousing sector (s) are not very popular in this period.

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