Who would win King Kong or Eren?

Who would win King Kong or Eren?

While Kong’s sheer size dwarfs Eren’s Titan form, Eren’s feats of strength (especially against other Titan Shifters) have been not only comparable to Kong’s battles but surpass them too. Eren’s also much faster than Kong and his smaller size could make him hard for Kong to hit too.

Who wins Kong or beast Titan?

Beast Titan would absolutely demolish Kong. It’s wide area pitch attack is one of the deadliest force in attack on Titan. The beast throws projectiles with the speed of cannonballs, with deadly accuracy, across a very long distance.

Who would win colossal Titan or Kong?

Kong has more mobility, which is the weakness of the colossal titan, so if he can weaken it and bring it down, Kong could easily win this. However the steam attack of the colossal titan could really damage kong but since kong has really tough skin, he would probably withstand it.

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Who is Eren Jaeger’s mentor?

Armin Arlert (Dreams) In the long line of Eren Jaeger’s mentors, Armin is indubitably the first.

Can Godzilla beat Eren founding Titan?

Eren would lose to most versions of Godzilla due to Godzilla being too strong for conventional weapons and the only weapon that beat him has infinite killing potential. The founding Titan is enormous but the only abilities it shown was controlling other Titans.

Does Eren fight the beast Titan?

With Zeke being a member of the Fritz family and Eren being the inheritor of the Founding Titan, the two could do anything they wanted when they made contact with one another. Unfortunately for the Beast Titan, Eren won this fight.

Is the colossal Titan bigger than Kong?

The Colossal Titan is bigger (60 m) than Kong (ca. 30 m), so already size advantage for him. Furthermore he has his steam generation, to possibly blind Kong; far better regen and is much more intelligent than a normal titan.

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Who is the bald guy in AOT?

Appearance. Keith was a tall and intimidating man. He was bald, with prominent wrinkles on his forehead and dark circles around his eyes.

Who messed up Eren’s gear?

The fact that Keith was the one who sabotaged Eren’s vertical maneuvering equipment belt before his balancing test was hinted by himself at that time when he stated that the fittings of the belts never break on their own.