Who is the strongest anime character in Sao?

Who is the strongest anime character in Sao?

Sword Art Online: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked

  1. 1 Kirito. Narusaka Kazuto or Kirito was a true hero everyone looked up to.
  2. 2 Heathcliff. For many, he was known as Kayaba Akihiko, SAO’s creator, and founder.
  3. 3 Asuna.
  4. 4 Oberon.
  5. 5 Yui.
  6. 6 Alice.
  7. 7 Sinon.
  8. 8 General Eugene.

Is Kirito a strong anime character?

However, overall, there can be no denying it – Kirito has the anime-protagonist power of being essentially unbeatable… but we love him for it anyway.

What is kirito strongest sword?

7 Elucidator: A Strong Sword Won From A Boss Drop The Elucidator was Kirito’s first signature weapon and served as his primary weapon in many of his fights in Sword Art Online. When creating the Night Sky Sword in the Underworld, Kirito based it off of the Elucidator, giving it a similar length and color.

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Who is Kirito in Sword Art Online?

In the year 2022, Kazuto was the chosen one out of the 1000 people as the beta-tester for the very first VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing game) known as Sword Art Online. He chose the name Kirito as his in-game avatar, and he proved to be one of the strongest and best players in Sword Art Online.

Does Kirito appear in Accel World?

Kirito makes a cameo appearance in Accel World. Kirito is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in the anime adaptation of Sword Art Online.

How strong is Elucidator Kirito?

Elucidator: Kirito’s primary weapon and a one-hand sword. It can deal 700-710 damage with the durability of 1350, it weighs 170 and is less than 4 feet. It can break through swords and can increase strength by 48, agility by 28 Dark Repulser: Kirito’s secondary weapon made by the blacksmith player Lisbeth.

How does Kirito end the game?

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Kirito eventually put an end to the game by defeating the final boss, thus clearing the game.