What will be listing price of Nureca?

What will be listing price of Nureca?

Nureca limited IPO Listing Date

Listing Date Thursday, February 25, 2021
Listing In T Group of Securities
IPO Price ₹400 per equity share
Face Value ₹10 per equity share

Can we sell Nureca shares on listing day?

Nureca limited IPO listing Date is Feb 25, 2021. The regular trading starts at 10 AM on listing day. BSE and NSE allow a pre-open trading on listing day. This 45 minutes session starts at 9 AM and ends at 9:45 AM.

How can I get Nureca IPO?

Read on!

  1. Step 1: Visit Groww IPO Page.
  2. Step 2: As you click on Nureca IPO you will be able to view important details such as issue size, price etc on the IPO Card.
  3. Step 3: In the order card, you will be able to see the pre-filled field for the minimum number of shares, which is 35 shares in this case.
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Is Nureca IPO allotment out?

The Nureca limited IPO allotment status will be available on Feb 23, 2021, as per the timeline provided in the red-herring prospectus.

Will listing gain in Nureca IPO?

Nureca Stock Trading Strategy The strategy in Nureca stock is simple, Singhvi said. He said that investors put the stop-loss at Rs 500. This will ensure that at least Rs 100 is earned per share as listing gains. This will give 20 per cent listing gains to the investors, he opined.

Can we invest in Nureca?

After receiving capital market regulator Sebi’s go-ahead Nureca Ltd’s initial public offer (IPO) is set to open for subscription next week on February 15, 2021 (open for subscription on Groww!). You can invest in this IPO from February 15 onwards.

How can I check allotment of Nureca IPO?

How to check Nureca limited IPO Allotment Status?

  1. Visit the Nureca limited IPO allotment status page.
  2. Click on the green Nureca limited IPO Allotment Status.
  3. Enter either PAN number, Application Number or DP Client ID of the demat account to check the Nureca limited IPO allotment status.
  4. Click Search.
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Who is registrar of Nureca IPO?

Link Intime India Private Ltd
The price range for the offer was fixed at Rs 396 to Rs 400 per share and ITI Capital was the manager of the offer. The registrar of the issue is Link Intime India Private Ltd which will manage the share allocation and refund process.

Is Nureca good for long term?

Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Nureca IPO.

Has RailTel IPO been allotted?

RailTel IPO allotment status is expected on Feb 23, 2021.

What is the price of nureca IPO GMP in India?

Nureca IPO GMP Rates day by day with Kotak rates. Grey market premium as on today is ₹70-80, Kostak ₹N/A & Subject to Sauda is ₹N/A Grey market premium as on 24-02-2021 is ₹60-70, Kostak ₹N/A & Subject to Sauda is ₹N/A

Is nureca IPO subject to Sauda?

Nureca IPO Subject to Sauda is ₹N/A as on today. – IPO Grey Market Premium (Nureca IPO GMP) mention is valid for the specific date as mentioned in the header. – We are not buying and selling IPO forms on IPO Grey Market.

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What is the price of nureca Limited shares in grey market?

Nureca Limited shares were trading at a premium of ₹130-135 per equity share in the grey market. The Lot size for this IPO is 35 and is available at a price of ₹396-400 Based on the Company Financials, for 31-Mar-20, the company’s Asset was ₹338.83 Cr, Revenue was ₹994.87 Cr and Profit was ₹63.95 Cr

What is grey market premium in an IPO?

GMP or Grey Market Premium is the premium at which equity shares from the IPO are being traded in the grey market. This could either be a positive or negative – meaning the trading price in the grey market is either higher or lower than issue price respectively, based on demand and supply for the shares.