What stands could beat Saitama?

What stands could beat Saitama?

Any Stand with at least C-Rank Speed and an offensive ability that ignores conventional durability can do it relatively easily.

  • A small selection of Stands that fit the bill include:
  • * Cream. * The Hand. * Gold Experience. * Gold Experience Requiem. * Tusk. * Ball Breaker. * Killer Queen. * Whitesnake. * Notorious B.I.G.
  • Can Jotaro Kujo beat Saitama?

    Jotaro Kujo is as overpowered as any other shonen anime hero. The ability to control time gives Jotaro the edge over Saitama when it comes to speed, but the raw strength behind the Caped Baldy’s punch is something Jotaro has never faced before. The first and only round of this fight goes to Saitama.

    Can Killer Queen beat Saitama?

    Killer Queen can turn anything it touches into a bomb, if Killer Queen ever touched Saitama he will become a explosive and once it detonates its bye bye Saitama and Kira could also pull a Shigechi on him like if he touches anything touched by Killer Queen he still dies.

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    Can Killer Queen punch?

    Sheer Heart Attack remains undamaged from Star Platinum: The World’s attack. Sheer Heart Attack speeding towards its target. Killer Queen effortlessly pins down Echoes ACT3. Punching through Koichi’s chest.

    Could Goku survive Saitama’s first punch?

    The existence of the Dragon Balls alone gives Goku the chance of surviving Saitama’s first punch. Even if the Saiyan were taken out, his friends, family, and Shenron would bring him back just in time for the ambitious brawler to test Saitama’s strength again. Jotaro Kujo is as overpowered as any other shonen anime hero.

    How good is Dio in JoJo?

    DIO has proven himself to be one of JoJo’s most resourceful villains. While some stands are better suited to countering him, others aren’t. His Stand, the World, allows him to stop time for five seconds (and in his enhanced state, seven).

    Can Ichigo survive a punch from Saitama?

    Ichigo is as powerful as he is durable, but the limits to Saitama’s strength are seemingly endless, which makes it unlikely that this shonen hero survives the first punch from Saitama. The first recorded one-eyed ghoul is one of the few that could take a punch from Saitama thanks to his regenerative abilities.

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    Could Ken Kaneki survive a punch from Saitama?

    Though Saitama’s punches have occasionally incinerated opponents, it is rare that he goes all out in a fight. If Saitama holds back and fails to destroy Ken Kaneki completely, the Ghoul may survive long enough to take a second punch. This brilliant young man would stand no chance of surviving a punch from Saitama.