What is the highest score you can get in figure skating?

What is the highest score you can get in figure skating?

The highest score awarded to a female figure skater in the short program is 85.45 points to Alena Kostornaia in 2019. The highest score awarded to a male figure skater in the short program is 111.82 by Yuzuru Hanyu in 2020.

What is Nathan Chen’s highest score?

Best total scores

Rank Name Score
1 Nathan Chen 335.30
2 Yuzuru Hanyu 322.59
3 Vincent Zhou 299.01
4 Yuma Kagiyama 291.77

What does BV mean in figure skating scoring?

Base Value (BV) Base Value of Jumps.

Is quadruple Axel possible?

No quadruple Axel has yet been ratified. No quadruple combinations (quadruple jumps followed by quadruple loop or toe loop) or sequences (quadruple jumps followed by any quadruple jumps except for quadruple loop or toe loop) have yet been ratified.

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What is a quad lutz?

It is a toepick-assisted jump with an entrance from a back outside edge and landing on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. It is the second-most difficult jump and the second-most famous jump after the Axel.

What is the world record for figure skating?

World Record Figure Skating Spin. Natalia Kanounnikova set the Guinness World Record for fastest spin on ice skates at Rockefeller Center, NYC. New world record is 308 RPM(revolutions per minute)as measured with a Sport Tach.

Who were some of the best women Olympic skaters?

Sonja Henie: Norway’s “Pavlova on ice” brought ballet moves to the athletic routines.

  • Barbara Ann Scott: She was nicknamed “Canada’s sweetheart.”
  • Tenley Albright: She was the first American woman to win the Olympic gold for figure skating.
  • Dorothy Hamill: Her hairstyle and her personality won hearts worldwide while she won the Olympic gold.
  • What is figure skating step sequence?

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    A step sequence is an element in figure skating. It is a sequence of steps or moves in the field in a prescribed pattern across the ice. The pattern of the step sequences may be a straight line, circular, or serpentine.

    How is figure skating scored?

    Competitive figure skating is scored using the International Judging System. The Technical Score takes into account each individual element of a skating program.