What is the base word of farmer?

What is the base word of farmer?

farmer (n.) late 14c., “one who collects taxes, etc.,” from Anglo-French fermer, Old French fermier “lease-holder,” from Medieval Latin firmarius, from firma “fixed payment” (see farm (n.)).

What is the word for female farmer?

Definition of farmerette : a woman who is a farmer or farmhand.

What is Zi Chinese?

Zi (子), a Chinese honorific used for ancient viscounts and for master philosophers. Zi (字), an alternate term for East Asian courtesy names.

What Lo means Chinese?

Lo is a Chinese surname that can be spelled in 10 different ways in Chinese: 罗 / 羅 [Luo / Lo] Meaning: gauze, to collect, to gather, to catch, to sift. Dialects : Hakka, Cantonese.

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What is farmer slang?

Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. an unsophisticated or ignorant person, especially one from a rural area.

What is the synonym of the word farmer?

In this page you can discover 74 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for farmer, like: son of the soil, agriculturist, grower, harvester, agronomist, cultivator, livestock breeder, peasant, gentleman-farmer, migrant and planter.

What is another name for farmer?

Synonyms of farmer

  • agriculturist.
  • (or agriculturalist),
  • agronomist,
  • cultivator,
  • grower,
  • planter,
  • tiller.

What is chi in Chinese culture?

With its roots in traditional Chinese culture, Chi (also spelled qi) refers to the vital life force or energy that runs through all living beings. It is the essence of existence that flows through each of us, uniting the body, mind and spirit. It is what makes us alive.

Is Luo a surname?

Luo or Lo refers to the Mandarin romanizations of the Chinese surnames 羅 (Simplified Chinese: 罗, pinyin: Luó, Jyutping: Lo4) and 駱 (Simplified Chinese: 骆, pinyin: Luò, Jyutping: Lok3). Of the two surnames, wikt:罗 is much more common among Chinese people. According to the Cantonese pronunciation, it can also refer to 盧.

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What does the name Lu mean in Chinese?

Meaning. “road” Lu (Chinese: 路; pinyin: Lù) is a Chinese surname.

What is another word for farmer?

other words for farmer. MOST RELEVANT. grower. laborer. peasant. producer. rancher. Reaper. agriculturalist.

How did the Old Chinese farmer buy a new horse?

An old Chinese farmer saved up small amounts of money over a year to buy a new horse. Just a day after the farmer bought the horse, it ran away. His neighbour expressed grief, but the farmer himself was calm.

What is the Chinese farmer parable?

The Chinese Farmer Parable is a well known story first told by British writer and philosopher Alan Watts in a 1960 lecture. Watts describes this as an old Zen parable but references to this effect do not appear to exist.

Where did the Battle of the Chinese Farm take place?

The Battle of the Chinese Farm took place during October 15 to October 17, 1973 between the Egyptian Army and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), as part of the Yom Kippur War. It was fought in the Sinai Peninsula, north of the Great Bitter Lake and just east of the Suez Canal,…

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