What is it like to fly the A-10?

What is it like to fly the A-10?

It kind of encompasses all the senses. There’s a massive noise you can hear through your double hearing protection, and through the canopy. Every bit of your senses are just maxed out when you’re firing the gun, and at the same time you’re watching it lay waste to what you’ve got the gun cross over. It’s just awesome.

How Slow Can A-10 fly?

420 mph
Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II/Top speed

Can a a10 stall?

With the additional assumption of thrust balancing only the aerodynamic drag, we can say the following: cruise speed is 155.6 m/s, and stall speed is 61.11 m/s (see Wikipedia link above), so this means that it would take between ~34 and ~71 seconds to completely stop the aircraft; or between ~20 and ~43 seconds to …

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What is the top speed of an a10 Warthog?

How does the GAU-8 Avenger work?

The stunning video below, produced by the 3D Mil-Tech YouTube channel, shows with unprecedented details, how the GAU-8 Avenger works: it gives an idea of the seven-barrel carriage assembly including the double-ended feed system which allows the spent casings to be returned to the ammunition drum. What a fine piece of machinery!

How long does it take to shoot down an A-10?

A-10 pilots fire the aircraft’s cannon in short bursts, with a combat burst lasting about two seconds.

What is a warthog in the Air Force?

This aircraft, which was first introduced in the 1970s, is the first US Air Force plane built for close air support missions and engaging ground targets, including tanks and other armored vehicles. The Warthog can fight from austere locations, and it can even battle enemy aircraft if necessary.

How many rounds does the GAU-8 shoot per second?

The GAU-8 is rated at “5 mil, 80 percent”, meaning that 80\% of rounds will hit within a 5-mil circle with mils being milliradiants (at 1,000 feet five mils would be 5 m hence 80\% of rounds would hit within a 5-m circle and that’s a 70 rounds a second).

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