What is Alteryx used for?

What is Alteryx used for?

Alteryx can be used to speed up your processes (accounting close, tax filings, regulatory reporting, forecast creation), automate your processes (reconciliations, consolidations, marketing workflows, system integrations, continuous audits), and enable predictive and geospatial solutions.

Is alteryx used for ETL?

Getting Started With ETL Alteryx Analytics Automation makes the ETL process easy, auditable, and efficient, and its low-code, no-code, drag-and-drop interface means anyone can use it. Transform messy, disparate data using a suite of drag-and-drop automation tools such as Filter, Data Cleansing, and Summarize.

Is alteryx ETL or ELT?

Yes, Alteryx is a ETL and data wrangling tool but it does a lot more than pure ETL. Alteryx wraps up pre-baked connectivity (Experian / Tableau etc) options alongside a host of embedded features (like data mining, geospatial, data cleansing) to provide a suite of tools within one product.

What companies use Alteryx?

Who uses Alteryx?

Company Website Country
UnitedHealth Group Inc unitedhealthgroup.com United States
Lorven Technologies lorventech.com United States
The American Red Cross redcross.org United States
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What database does Alteryx use?

Supported Data Sources and File Formats

Adobe Adobe Analytics
Alteryx Alteryx Database .yxdb
Alteryx Calgary .cydb
Alteryx Spatial ZIP .sz
Amazon Amazon Athena

What are the benefits of alteryx?

Our Benefits

  • 100\% company-paid medical, dental and vision benefits.
  • Pet Insurance.
  • Life insurance, disability and accidental coverage.
  • Paid Holidays, Paid Time Off (PTO) & Volunteer Time Off (VTO per year)
  • 401(k) with company match.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  • Commuter benefits.
  • Fitness & Wellness reimbursement program.

What is the difference between Alteryx and Informatica?

Here’s an comparison of three such tools, head to head. Informatica offers a portfolio of data integration products as well as tools for master data management, data quality, data cataloging, and API management. Informatica started out with on-premises tools but now offers a cloud platform as well. Alteryx offers several products:

What is the difference between Alteryx and launchlavastorm?

Lavastorm is the frisky data management and analytics company trusted by enterprises seeking an analytic advantage. Alteryx is dedicated to creating business intelligence (BI) technology that lets users easily invent smart and extensible software applications to solve data analysis problems and make decisions.

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What types of integrations does Alteryx support?

Alteryx supports integrations with about 80 file formats, storage platforms, databases, data warehouses, and data lakes. It focuses on data preparation and blending more than on providing a wide range of connections to extract data from SaaS sources.