What happens if Form 16 and 26AS not match?

What happens if Form 16 and 26AS not match?

In case of a tax credit mismatch notified by the IT department the errors should be corrected online through the IT e-filing portal. TDS(Tax Deducted at Source) should ideally be the same in Form 26AS and Form 16 or 16A.

What if my 26AS is wrong?

Rectification of error in Form 26AS depends on the cause of the error. For instance, if the deductor (employer or bank) has made a mistake while depositing your tax against your PAN with the government, then in such a case, you need to contact your deductor to rectify the mistake.

What if there is difference in form 16 and ITR?

Form 16 is a Certificate issued by employer showing TDS deducted and paid on the employee’s salary. However, Form 16 is not a substitute to Income Tax Return. This is because Form 16 includes only that information which is disclosed to the employer.

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Should Form 16 and ITR match?

There are basically two major documents that you need for filing your annual returns namely Form 16 and Form 26AS. These two documents are complementary and should match in all respects to ensure that your ITR is flawless.

What happens if TDS credit is not reflected in Form 26AS?

However, on average, it takes 30-45 days for the TDS credit to reflect in your Form 26AS. In case your employer does not take any action to correct the mismatch and your Form 26AS is still not correct, you can file a written complaint to your income tax Assessing Officer (AO).

Can Form 16 be wrong?

Once you have identified the errors, it is for you to get them rectified appropriately. The primary step is to bring the error or mismatch to the notice of your employer or deductor as the case may be. Your deductor can file a TDS correction statement to the Income Tax Department for rectification of the error.

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What happens if you disagree with 143 1?

If you agree or partially agree, you must file a revised return. Step 5 – If you disagree with the addition, you have to mention the reason for such disagreement. You have to select the reasons for incorrect disclosures from the list provided and submit your response.

How can I submit my form 16 in income tax?

Below are the steps to Upload Form 16 and e-file Income tax return through myITreturn.com:

  1. Visit myitreturn.com.
  2. Click on Upload Your Form 16.
  3. Browse the Form 16 PDF file and click on open to upload Form 16.
  4. On successful upload, a confirmation message will be shown.
  5. You will be asked to Login.