What does current bid mean on auction?

What does current bid mean on auction?

You will pay the price listed next to the button. Auction items have a “Place Bid” button next to a box for entering bids and show a “current bid” price. Auction items are open to bids for a predetermined amount of time. When time is up, the item is declared “sold” to the highest bidder.

Who decides base price for IPL auction?

For the IPL Auction, it is the players who decide their own base price from which the bidding for that player will start. However, this price shall be higher than INR 10 lakh and lower than INR 2 Crore!

How is RTM used in IPL auction?

One fascinating aspect of an IPL auction is the ‘right to match’ card, commonly called the ‘RTM card. ‘ An RTM card allows a franchise to buy an unretained player who played for them in the previous edition for the highest bidding amount the player has received in that auction.

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How is bid price determined?

How Are the Bid and Ask Prices Determined? Bid and ask prices are set by the market. In particular, they are set by the actual buying and selling decisions of the people and institutions who invest in that security. If demand outstrips supply, then the bid and ask prices will gradually shift upwards.

How many players are there in the IPL auction?

There is no hard limit for the number of players that go into the auction. The number has been different in every auction. It really depends on the numbers of players who sign up for the auction providing the NOC from the respective cricket boards.

When and where will the IPL 2021 auctions take place?

The IPL 2021 Auctions are scheduled to take place on February 18, 2021, in Chennai. Earlier there were a lot of rumours regarding the IPL Auction dates. The date for the IPL 2021 Auctions was confirmed by BCCI on Wednesday, January 27. Where will the IPL 2021 Auctions be held?

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What is RTM in IPL auction?

There also an option called Right to Match, or RTM, where a player can be bought back by the team at the price he is set to be auctioned. Originally Answered: How is the IPL auction done?

Who has the highest base price in Indian players in IPL?

Ishant Sharma has the highest base price in Indian players of Rs 2 crore. Bidding Process of Indian Premier League. The IPL 2017 auction will be held in Bengaluru and conducted by the BCCI and IPL Committee. The 352 players will be sorted into separate groups based on their role and split into pots.