What are some jobs you can get without a high school diploma?

What are some jobs you can get without a high school diploma?

You can secure a job in retail sales without your high school diploma or GED. Retail salespeople assist customers during their shopping experience. Clothing stores, shoe stores, electronic stores and bookstores are all retail options available to you.

Can you get a good job without a high school diploma?

The Good Worker Solution. Statistics show that getting and keeping a good job without a high school diploma can be tough, but if you’re a good worker – reliable, prompt, personable and strategic about your opportunities – you can work your way up and out of the problem.

How to be successful without a high school diploma?

– Tip: Focus on Building Career Capital. You don’t necessarily need a diploma, but you do need skills and a plan. – Freelance Jobs. The perks of freelancing are many, including that you get to work when you want, doing what you want, for the people you want. – Gig Economy Jobs. Despite some outlying examples, gig economy jobs probably won’t make you rich. – Entrepreneurship. When you’re the boss, you get to determine the educational requirements. In today’s environment, all you need is a website to start earning a decent living. – Other Job Options. Still haven’t found an option you like? Here are a few more traditional options for those who haven’t completed high school. – Correcting the Record. When writing this article, we conducted extensive research to identify the best possible jobs for people without high school degrees. – FAQ. These are a few common questions about this topic. If you’re wondering about somehting that we didn’t cover in this article, please leave a comment below — we’ll do

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Does a GED count toward a high school diploma?

Yes, it does. Your GED certificate is equivalent to a common high school diploma and does get you into college. Practically all 2 and 4-year colleges and public and private universities recognize your GED credential in the same way as a high school degree. In California, however, the situation is slightly different.