Is investing in ujjivan small finance bank good?

Is investing in ujjivan small finance bank good?

Investors should wait till the stock settles around Rs 50-55 levels (a 35-49 percent premium over issue price) because and then continue buying if the counter hits lower levels. “In our view, fair value for buying the stock should be anywhere between Rs 50-55 per share,” Mona Khetan said.

Is money safe in Jana Small Finance Bank?

Similar to commercial banks, Jana Small Finance Bank is safe and secure as it is regularized by RBI.

Should we buy Equitas small finance bank IPO?

The brokerage said it has a ‘buy’ rating on the holding company Equitas Holdings Ltd with target price of Rs 64 for its superior asset diversification, reasonable liability profile, better management pedigree, healthy return ratios and reasonable valuations.

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Can I trust Jana bank?

Jana Small Finance Bank This is a small finance bank that was given a license a few years ago. Small finance Banks come under the purview of the RBI and hence can be considered as relatively safe. In fact, if you go for longer term tenures the interest rate is even higher.

Which small bank gives highest interest rate?

Comparison in long term

Bank Tenure Interest for senior citizens
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank 3 Years and 1 Day to 5 Years 6.75\%
Jana Small Finance Bank 3 Year to less than 5 Years 7.25\%
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank 701 Days to 3652 Days 6.50\%

Is it good to buy Equitas small finance bank shares?

Equitas Bank: Well placed for long term opportunities ‘The current valuation at 1.6x and 9.6x Sept’23 P/ABV and P/E is undemanding and does not factor in strong growth potential, improving liability franchise and possible transition to a universal bank.

Is Fincare listed?

Fincare is trying to bring into the banking business those people who are not yet involved in the banking business and especially the focus of FSFB is on rural and urban areas….FSFB IPO 2021 Review, Price, Form, Lot Size.

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Company Name Fincare Small Finance Bank
Listing On NSE, BSE

What is Jana small finance bank?

Jana Small Finance Bank gets Sebi approval to go ahead with IPO Jana Small Finance Bank is one of the 10 financial institutions which had received in-principle approval from the RBI for a small finance bank in 2015. The bank received its final banking licence in April 2017.

Will Jana raise Rs 700 Crore through share sale?

Jana received the banking license in 2015 along with nine other financial services firms. The bank would be looking to raise up to Rs 700 crore through the proposed share sale. The bank may also consider a pre-IPO placement for raising up to Rs 500 crore, the bank said in the prospectus.

What are SEBI observations for IPO?

The small finance bank, which filed preliminary IPO papers with Sebi in April, obtained its observations on July 9, an update with Sebi showed on Monday. Sebi’s observations are necessary for any company to launch public issues like IPO, follow-on public offer (FPO) and rights issue.

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What is the next date for the listing of justjana?

Jana was supposed to be listed on or before March 27, 2021, according to the licensing agreement with Reserve Bank of India. The bank had applied to the RBI for an extension till March 28, 2022 but the regulator turn it down.