Is Fiitjee GMP good for advanced?

Is Fiitjee GMP good for advanced?

It also demotivates people before the Advanced so for those who get demotivated easily, GMP is not recommended. Try GMP if you get a good rank in Mains and are really expecting a sub 500~1000 rank in Advanced (based on your Mains performance).

Is Fiitjee material enough for JEE Advanced Quora?

No. fiitjee study material is not at all enough or even suitable for advance. i would recommend you to not to focus on study material instead go beyond it and explore study material of other coaching institute like bansal,resonance etc.

Is GMP good for JEE Advanced Quora?

FIITJEE GMP is great for practicing for jee advanced but it contains some questions that are higher than the level of JEE. I would also recommend you doing Fiitjee’s review package, archives and arihant’s 38years’.

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What is the FIITJEE Jee fundamental search package?

An exclusive fundamental search based package of 1500 Top quality problems on new JEE pattern testing your understanding of the subject. It covers all aspects of JEE problem-solving techniques. FIITJEE for Students to help them revise, consolidate and polish their knowledge & skills in just 4 – 5 weeks.

Does FIITJEE prepare you for JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2021?

The student’s best of the 2021 NTA Scores will be considered for preparation of Merit List/ Ranking. (as per JEE Main website FIITJEE prepares you for JEE Main & JEE Advanced in a Pattern Proof Mode.

What is FIITJEE advanced?

FIITJEE programs are like an insurance policy to ensure you an optimum result. All FIITJEE Students who qualified for JEE (Advanced) also scored well in their XII Board Exams thus also figuring in the Top 20 percentile of their respective Boards.

Why FIITJEE integrated school programs?

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All FIITJEE Integrated School Programs are part of our social efforts and the fee that we charge is less than the cost of delivery of these programs. We encourage Students / Parents to choose an Integrated Program over after-the-school regular program to prepare for JEE Main & Advanced without additional stress.