Is Exergic worth it?

Is Exergic worth it?

In a nutshell, I would rate Exergic a perfect 10/10. The courses that I took were Study Material, Question Bank and Test Series. Exergic gives you a sense of care where you understand that there is a team who is constantly working on your progress. Chandresh Sir and team for their constant support and care.

Is Exergic good quora?

It is excellent. For the students who are seriously preparing for GATE ME, I will definitely recommend the exergic question bank. For GATE we need to focus more on problem solving rather than theory. We require some good quality questions to practice.

How many questions are in Exergic question bank?

Exergic’s online question bank with high quality and conceptual questions. Learn concepts which are missed while studying theory. 1000+ questions.

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What is Exergic?

EXERGIC is India’s best and most-trusted institute for GATE Mechanical. Producing GATE Toppers since last 5 years.

How is Exergic study material Quora?

Full Length Tests: Exergic gives a good mixtures of varying difficulty tests. Some tests are easy while some are tough. This really helps you to get prepared for actual GATE on all fronts. There are also 2–3 tests where the two and one marks questions are jumbled ( in case GATE does that).

How do I contact Exergic?

  1. Mail. [email protected].
  2. Call. +91-9536651816.
  3. Chat. below.

What is Exergic premium group?

Premium Group is our own Zero-Distraction platform for doubt support and guidance. Our students need not visit any distracting social-media/messaging apps to discuss their doubts.

Why exergic is the best gate preparation portal?

Download NOW. Exergic is India’s best and most trusted online GATE Preparation portal. We, at Exergic, believe in smart and innovative work to fuel your GATE preparation. And we work very hard to provide you with top notch content, high quality questions, unlimited doubt support and honest guidance.

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Why choose exexergic Test series questions?

EXERGIC test series questions are framed in such a way they will find the loophole in your concepts if you have not understood it well enough. Also, the solutions are explained in a dialogue wise sense by explaining common pitfalls done by students which are generally not found in test series.

How effective is the question bank of exergic?

Adding to this, the question bank of Exergic is very effective and it is not something which you will find as copy pasted from some books. Solving those questions really made me feel where I stand in a particular subject conceptually (There is a demo available for every resource provided by Exergic).

How can I prepare for gate through video lectures?

Master every big and small topics from theoretical as well as numerical perspective, for GATE. Video lectures are highly structured having conceptual sequence of subjects and topics.