Is coding blocks good for competitive programming?

Is coding blocks good for competitive programming?

Coding Blocks is pleased to bring you the ultimate competitive programming course, hand crafted to ensure your success in challenges such as Google CodeJam, Google Kickstart, ACM-ICPC, and more. The course will also cover other advanced competitive topics.

How good is Unacademy for competitive programming?

Unacademy is really good, not so good for programming as of now. I would suggest Udemy, Udacity or You know Free Youtube lessons backed with Programming questions from Hackerrank, LeetCode or Similar website. It is atleast 4 times better. In time you will know this for yourself.

Is Coding Ninjas good for learning coding?

Coding Ninjas is one of the best learning platforms. I enrolled into C++ Foundation with Data Structures. The course content was very informative and well structured. The way Ankush Sir and Nidhi Ma’am explain a topic is commendable.

What courses did I take in coding ninjas?

I enrolled in Coding Ninjas’ competitive programming track which consisted of 3 courses: Introduction to C++, Data structures and Algorithms with C++ and Competitive programming. All the courses are well structured and taught by excellent instructors.

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What is the best online competitive coding course for beginners?

The online Competitive Programming course by Coding Blocks is an ultimate online competitive coding training.

What is this 8 week competitive coding programme?

This 8 week programme will kickstart your foray in to the exciting world of competitive coding. You will master commonly used problem solving techniques, hone your mathematical analysis skills, and push the boundaries of your reasoning abilities. The course will cover Advanced Data Structures like Segment Trees, Binary Index / Fenwick Trees.

What are the benefits of competitive programming course?

Competitive Programming Course Competitive Programming course helps in enhancing your cognitive and problem-solving abilities. After completing this course, you will be able to solve hard coding problems efficiently and participate in global coding competitions such as ACM-ICPC, IPC and more.