How much Bitsat score is required for BITS Pilani?

How much Bitsat score is required for BITS Pilani?

The BITSAT cutoff is the qualifying marks required by a candidate to become eligible for admission in the courses offered by participating institutes in the BITSAT exam….BITSAT Cutoff 2020.

Campus Program Cut-off Score
Pilani B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation 323
Pilani B.E. Manufacturing 253
Pilani B. Pharm 203

Is 290+ a good score in BITSAT 2021?

For instance, in case a student wants to opt for the best branches of the Institute, then they must not get lesser than 370-380 as it is considered as a good score. While the average score for BITSAT 2021 is more than 300 and to get admission in other branches, 290+ marks is considered enough for the admissions.

What is the cutoff of BITSAT for admission?

However, the candidates are advised to focus more on BITSAT cutoff instead of the ranks. Admissions at BITS are granted solely based on the score obtained by the candidates who appeared in the exam. Students often aspire to score at least 225 out of 450 so as to secure a place at BITS .

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What is the difference between BITSAT marks vs rank?

Below is the BITSAT marks vs rank are based on the past three year’s data of the rank obtained by students against the marks scored in the BITSAT exam conducted by BITS Pilani. BITSAT score less than 225 – Candidates who have scored less than 225 in BITSAT exam chances of getting admission in BITS Pilani, Goa or Hyderabad is less.

What is the minimum marks required to get admission in bitbits?

BITS admission is purely based on the score of the candidates in BITSAT, therefore the candidates must aim at scoring minimum marks of 225 out of 450 marks so as to secure their chances of admission in BITS campuses. Check Out BITSAT 2021 Exam Details