How hard is it to get into the Navy with a GED?

How hard is it to get into the Navy with a GED?

Is it as easy to join the Navy with a GED as it is with a high school diploma? No, it is much more difficult to join the Navy with a GED compared to a high school diploma. Applicants with a GED automatically fall into the Tier 2 category and must score in the 50th percentile or above on the AFQT to qualify.

Can you join the military with only a GED?

Many people ask us “Can you join the Army with your GED Diploma?” Yes, the GED diploma is equivalent to a common high school diploma so you can! The Army had an enlistment program especially for people who neither had a high school diploma or GED.

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Do I need a GED to join the Navy?

If you don’t have a high school diploma, a general equivalency diploma is acceptable. The minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, score to join the Navy is a 35. Additionally, before you join the Navy, you must pass at least two drug tests.

Can you be a Navy SEAL with GED?

You have to have a high school diploma to enlist. Recently they have started to accept a GED certificate but depending upon your choice of service you may need a semester of college level classes to join the military. Many SEAL enlisted are college graduates with advanced degrees even.

How many miles a day do you run in Navy boot camp?

Navy SEAL training starts with two months of physical training. You will run at least 4 miles on most days, and you may run as many as 10 miles during some runs. This training is designed to prepare you for the first physical screening test, which requires you to run 4 miles in 31 minutes or less.

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Does the Navy have a GED program?

The Navy accepts high school equivalency credentials, such as the General Educational Development diploma. Individuals who have a GED may be able to enlist as a sailor; however, additional education is required to be eligible to serve as a commissioned officer.

Can you finish high school in the Navy?

Upon graduation Sailors will head to A School where they will continue training before they are sent to the fleet. Here’s an overview of everything that happens after Navy boot camp….Navy A School Locations.

Base/School State
Shepard Air Force Base Texas

Is the GED test hard?

The GED test is hard because it is very time-pressured. But if you prepare with good resources, the GED is quite easy. The GED test gives you limited time (from 70 to 150 minutes, depending on the subject) for around 35-40 questions per subject.

How do I join the Marines with a GED?

Yes you can join the Marines with a certified GED diploma. A GED diploma is the high school equivelant to the regular diploma. Just make sure that it has the graduating school on there.

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Can you join the military with a GED?

To join the military with a GED, you need to undergo basic training for recruits who only hold GED certificates. Due to the huge number of military applicants with GED certificates, available positions may be limited. In such cases, your best bet for joining the military is to complete 15 college credits .

Will Marines take GED?

The Marines expect applicants to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, such as the GED. Although individuals with a GED are eligible to enlist, their application must be evaluated by a Marine Corps Recruiter. Having a GED does not guarantee an individual will qualify for a career with the Marines.