Can Ger reset made in heaven?

Can Ger reset made in heaven?

Resetting to Zero in this case would absolutely not function against Made In Heaven. GERs ability is the ability to rewind time right before an action happened. Made In Heaven’s ability is absolute control over time, Pucci in Stone Ocean used it to accelerate the universe in this case.

Is JoJo Part 7 an alternate universe?

Part 7, Steel Ball Run, sees the beginning of a brand new continuity set in a new universe that’s unrelated to the first six parts. Everything from Parts 1 through 6 still happened, and Part 7 onward takes place in a separate parallel universe.

Can Ger beat Tusk Act 4?

, King Of Nothingness. GER would definitely win against Tusk Act: 4, no doubt about it. It doesn’t matter how many times Tusk tries to hit GER with the Infinite Spin, GER is gonna keep on resetting all of Tusk’s attacks.

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Can Ger rewrite reality?

In the game JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. We see that when GER goes up against TWOH, GER’s nullification ability is useless because TWOH’s ability is to overwrite reality, and GER’s ability is bound to the limits of reality.

What’s wrong Pucci Why do you want to reset the universe?

To achieve peace of mind is the goal of all mankind.” This was what Pucci had planned. You see, Pucci believed that because the future is unknowable, nobody will ever feel truly safe in anything that they do. This was why he wanted to reset the universe.

Why doesn’t giorno know why the universe Reset?

If GER did not prevent it however, which I do doubt, it would be because Giorno has no clue why this is happening, who is causing it, or what’s causing it. However, GER was able to rewind time erasure which Giorno would have no awareness of when it happens. Because of 2 reasons. The universe reset never happened.

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Why didn’t GER make giorno appear in part 6?

1. universe reset caused no threat to giorno therefore GER had no reason to negate. 2. araki didn’t want giorno to appear he wanted this ending to happen. also araki wanted giorno to appear in part 6 but he didn’t because he knew no one would be a threat to him.

Could GER stop Pucci without giorno knowing?

However, Giorno is completely ignored outside of Part 5. So, he likely is aware of the universe reset, but little else. So if GER could stop Pucci despite Giorno not being aware of who was causing it, then the entire world would practically be frozen as everything is rewound due to being affected by his sped up time.

What happened to Pucci after the universe Reset?

The universe reset never happened. Pucci died before the universe could reset. GER didn’t have to. The universe reset is not a weapon. If you were alive in the previous universe, you’d be alive in the new one too. Pucci said that every living being would be put back to their original spot.

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