Why was it good that America bombed Japan?

Why was it good that America bombed Japan?

Many historians have argued that the atomic bombing of Japan at the end of World War II was necessary and justified. It led to a quick end to World War II. It saved the lives of American soldiers. It potentially saved the lives of Japanese soldiers and civilians.

Why Hiroshima bombing is ethical?

The bombing was justifiable as it applied to the ethical school of utilitarianism – the greatest good for the greatest number of people. If there had been a Japanese/American war the effects would have been more severe. It was unethical as civilians were killed and injured and there was no direct need for the attack.

Why was the atomic bomb unjustified?

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First, some historians argue that the atomic bombing of Japan was not justified because they consider the use of the bombs to be inhumane. In general, bombs of any sort are devastating and can cause widespread damage and death. Therefore, it has been argued that the bombs were inhumane and should not have been used.

Why were the atomic bombs necessary?

Official A-Bomb Justification: Save US Lives According to Truman and others in his administration, the use of the atomic bomb was intended to cut the war in the Pacific short, avoiding a U.S. invasion of Japan and saving hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Was Atomic bomb Necessary?

More than 55,000 Americans had already died fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. An invasion was certain to be very costly in American lives. The bomb was necessary to accomplish Truman’s primary objectives of forcing a prompt Japanese surrender and saving American lives, perhaps thousands of them.

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Why did some scientist believe that it was immoral to drop the atomic bomb on Japan quizlet?

Some scientists claimed that it would be immoral to use the weapon without warning Japan first. However, those in favor of the bomb claimed it would save American lives and that it needed to be used in order to justify the cost of building it. What was the first bomb that the United States had dropped on Hiroshima?

What were the positive effects of the atomic bomb?

Here are studies which show increased health in Japanese survivors of atomic bombs. Parameters include decreased mutation, leukemia and solid tissue cancer mortality rates, and increased average lifespan.