Who would win Sailor Moon or Superman?

Who would win Sailor Moon or Superman?

Sailor Moon is just two powerful and yeets most versions of superman. Pre Crisis, Prime One Million, and Cosmic Armor would put up a good fight but in the end, I think Usagi would pull it off against those versions as well. The modern version of Superman (post-Infinite Frontier) would beat Sailor Moon.

Is Sailor Moon stronger than Gon?

While Gon is an extremely skilled and lucky fighter, Sailor Moon’s abilities will once again take the win here. This fight would definitely be a close one, but Sailor Moon has all of Gon’s abilities, and is just a little bit stronger with them.

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Can Beerus beat Sailor Galaxia?

fighting sailor starlights. So even if you scale beerus to god shockwaves CROSSING 6 UNIVERSES it’s relative to Galaxia GOING BACK AND FORTH ACROSS ONE UNIVERSE 6 TO 8 TIMES. Galaxia is on par with moon who in the previous link should scaling 4 X universal as eternal sailor moon.

Can Sailor Moon beat Galaxia?

Galaxia can easily bust planets, and likely stars with her unique method of pointing at them. She’s also strong enough to easily battle a full powered Eternal Sailor Moon with the Silver Crystal as well.

Can Sailor Moon beat Sailor Saturn?

Saturn is strong, but she doesn’t have the battle knowledge and experience that Princess Serenity does. This version of Sailor Moon could combat Saturn’s abilities and put up a good fight.

Is Sailor Galaxia a God?

The title refers to both of them being godly beings with destructive power, as well as referencing their titles (Beerus: The God of Destruction and Sailor Galaxia: The Sailor of Destruction).

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Why is there no sailor sun?

Basically there is no Sailor Sun because the Sun, at least in some sense, has already committed its power (in the form of the Golden Crystal) to protect the Earth.

Can Goku Kaiyo- beat Sailor Moon?

Of course, Sailor Moon (whose real name is Usagi) is nothing to scoff at. She has spent her best years fighting evil by moonlight, never running from a fight, and this hardcore behavior has resulted in her becoming incredibly strong. At the end of the day, Goku Kaiyo- can beat Usagi in a match of pure physical strength.

What is the difference between Sailor Moon and Usagi?

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon is a Japanese schoolgirl, emphasis on the school bit. Her Sailor Scout outfit is even inspired by Japanese school uniforms! Unfortunately, Usagi’s grades have literally shamed her mother to the point that she was kicked out of the home after bringing home a test.

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Who is better at Magic between Usagi and Goku?

The magic of the moon and celestial bodies give her and the Sailor Scouts their abilities. If there was any question about it, Sailor Moon can out-magic Goku in any context imaginable. When it comes to seeing who is better at magic between Usagi and Goku, clearly, she is the one on whom people can depend on.

Is there a death battle between Sailor Moon and Pulle Magi?

Death Battle, Featuring Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, and Madoka Kaname from Pulle Magi. Sailor Moon vs Puelle Magi! When you wish upon a star, your dreams might just come true, as it did for these two School Girls turned Magical Girls, turned goddesses.