Which provided for separate electorate for depressed classes?

Which provided for separate electorate for depressed classes?

The Poona Pact
The Poona Pact was an agreement between Mahatma Gandhi and B. R. Ambedkar on behalf of depressed classes and upper caste Hindu leaders on the reservation of electoral seats for the depressed classes in the legislature of British India in 1932.

What is separate electorate why do you think Gandhiji was against the demand of separate electorate by BR Ambedkar 3?

Ambedkar. According to Ambedkar, Gandhi was ready to award separate electorates to Muslims and Sikhs. But Gandhi was reluctant to give separate electorates to scheduled castes. He was afraid of division inside Congress and Hindu society due to separate scheduled caste representations.

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Why do we separate electorates?

Separate electorates are usually demanded by minorities who feel it would otherwise be difficult for them to get fair representation in government. For example, a separate electorate for Muslims means that Muslims will choose their separate leader by separate elections for Muslims.

What were the proposals in the Government of India Act 1935 regarding an All India Federation?

The proposed all India federation included 11 provinces of British India, 6 Chief Commissioners Provinces and those princely states who might accede to the federation. For princely states, the accession to the Federation was voluntary.

What were the provisions of the Poona Pact?

148 seats were to be allotted to the depressed classes in the provincial legislatures. This was more than double from the 71 seats as promised in the Communal Award. B.A Certain percentage of the seats allotted to the general Non-Muslim electorate would be reserved for the depressed classes.

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Why and when was the Poona Pact Signed give reasons?

The pact, signed at Poona (now Pune, Maharashtra), resulted from the Communal Award of August 4, 1932, a proposal by the British government which would allot seats in the various legislatures of India to the different communities in an effort to resolve the various tensions between communal interests.

What was separate electorate Class 10?

Answer: The British used separate electorates system (people of one religion vote for a candidate of their own religion) to divide the Indian people unity which weaken the National Movement and stronger position of British government in Inida. This led Hindus and Muslims war and partition in the country during 1947.

What were Gandhi’s apprehension regarding the grant of separate electorate to the Dalits?

Gandhiji believed that the grant of separate electorates would weaken the national movement and slow down the process of integration of dalits into the mainstream of society.

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Why did the Dalits ask for separate electorates Class 10?

They believed political empowerment was a solution to the social evils faced by this community. Hence, dalit leaders demanded separate electorate that would choose dalit members for legislative councils.

When did separate electorate pass?

Indian Councils Act 1909 – Wikipedia.

Which of the following was completely separated from India by the Government of India Act 1935?

Burma was completely separated from India.