What will the combined company formed by the merger of Hortonworks and Cloudera be called?

What will the combined company formed by the merger of Hortonworks and Cloudera be called?

enterprise data cloud company
(NYSE: CLDR), the enterprise data cloud company, today announced completion of its merger with Hortonworks, Inc. Cloudera will deliver the first enterprise data cloud – unlocking the power of any data, running in any cloud from the Edge to AI, on a 100\% open-source data platform.

Does cloudera own hortonworks?

Cloudera and Hortonworks, two of the biggest players in the Hadoop big data space, today announced that they have finalized their all-stock merger. The new company will use the Cloudera brand and will continue to trade under the CLDR symbol on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is big data cloudera?

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Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) is a modern big data platform powered by Apache Hadoop at the core. It provides a central scalable, flexible, secure environment for handling workloads from batch, interactive, to real-time analytics.

Who did Cloudera merge with?

SANTA CLARA, CA, June 1, 2021 — Cloudera, (NYSE: CLDR), the enterprise data cloud company, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by affiliates of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (“CD&R”) and KKR in an all cash transaction valued at approximately $5.3 billion.

Who did cloudera merger with?

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
Cloudera Enters into Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and KKR for $5.3 Billion.

What is Hortonworks data flow?

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) is an enterprise-ready open source streaming data platform with Flow Management, Stream Processing, and Management Services components. It collects, curates, analyzes, and acts on data in the data center and cloud.

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Is Hortonworks a database?

The Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is a security-rich, enterprise-ready, open source Apache Hadoop distribution based on a centralized architecture (YARN). HDP addresses the needs of data at rest, powers real-time customer applications, and delivers robust analytics that help accelerate decision making and innovation.

What is the impact of Cloudera-Hortonworks merger?

The more germane observation is that, as separate entities, Cloudera and Hortonworks were having a net negative impact on Hadoop and Big Data market. By combining, they will be eliminating headwinds for the industry and for their own book of business. Cloudera and Hortonworks had a destructive rivalry.

What does the Cloudera-Yahoo merger mean?

The companies stated that they hoped the merger will enable them to become a next-generation data platform together. Cloudera was originally co-founded in 2008 with talent from Google, Facebook, and Yahoo in an effort to deliver a big data platform that was built on Hadoop.

What is the difference between Cloudera and hithortonworks?

Hortonworks clearly put focus on IoT and streaming use cases whereas Cloudera put focus on data science use cases, strengthening the platform with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Is Cloudera the biggest Hadoop distributor?

The two biggest Hadoop distribution vendors, each of which could trace its lineage back to the original Hadoop team at Yahoo, and who maintained a sometimes tiresome rivalry, are now one. The new entity is called Cloudera, will trade under that company’s original ticker symbol ( CLDR) and will be led by its erstwhile CEO, Tom Reilly.