What was Chike Obi known for?

What was Chike Obi known for?

Chike Obi (April 17, 1921 – March 13, 2008) was a Nigerian politician, mathematician and professor. The African Mathematics Union suggests that he was the first Nigerian to hold a doctorate in mathematics.

Who is the first proof in Nigeria?

Some Nigerians may not know but the first man to import a bullet-proof car into the country is Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, then premier of the western region. Akintola, regarded as a respected political strategist of his time, imported the £8,000 Mercedes Benz car into the country in 1964.

Who introduced mathematics in Nigeria?

Indigenous contemporary mathematics research activities in modern Nigeria were pioneered by Chike Obi, Adegoke Olubummo, and James Ezeilo who obtained their doctorates in mathematics from British Universities in the 1950’s. Obi and Ezeilo specialized in ordinary differential equations and Olubummo in Analysis.

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Is Chike Obi alive?

Deceased (1921–2008)
Chike Obi/Living or Deceased

Who is the youngest mathematician in Nigeria?

Hallowed Olaoluwa, a 30-year-old Nigerian, is one of Africa’s youngest doctor of mathematics and a professor. According to a LinkedIn post by Adebayo Ilupeju, he got his bachelor degree at the age of 14, double bachelor’s degree at 17, before he went ahead to get his masters in mathematics and physics at 19.

Who is Mustafa Chike Obi father?

Nathaniel Okafor Edozien
Some give no names for his parents (for example [8]) while on a couple he is described as the son of Nathaniel Okafor Edozien, an official in the Nigerian Coal Corporation, and Nwakuso Odogwu, the daughter of an Asaba chief (see for example [6]).

Who is known as Queen of Mathematics?

Carl Friedrich Gauss is known as Queen of mathematics.

Who is first professor in Nigeria?

The first person on our list is Chike Obi. He is said to have been one of the earliest professors in Nigeria. Obi was a mathematician and the first Nigerian to hold a doctorate in mathematics.

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How did Chike Obi solve the 361 year old math puzzle?

Chike Obi solves 361-year-old maths puzzle. BY plain brainwork and without the use of modern technological aid such as computers, world acclaimed Nigerian mathematician, Prof. Chike Obi, has given scientific proof to a 361-year old mathematical puzzle known as Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Who is Chike Obi?

Chike Obi, with James Ezeilo and Adegoke Olubummo, was one of a trio of black mathematicians who pioneered modern mathematics research in Nigeria.

Is Fermat’s Last Theorem the most famous problem in numbers theory?

Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) President, Professor Anya O. Anya described {Fermat’s Last Theorem} as one of the most famous problems in Numbers Theory. Indeed, the academy is planning to celebrate Obi’s feat and many others of its fellows, NAS Secretary, Prof. Sulaiman Adekola said.

What happened to Chike Obi’s wife Belinda?

Obi’s wife Belinda died in early 2010 a nurse and they are survived by their four children. ^ “Obituary: Chike Obi”. www.thenewblackmagazine.com. Retrieved 2020-05-25.

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