What is the success rate of geography optional in UPSC?

What is the success rate of geography optional in UPSC?

UPSC Optional Subjects Success Rate 2016

No. Optional Subject Success Rate
6 Anthropology 10.7
7 Public administration 10.5
8 Political science 6.4
9 Geography 5.8

Which optional is best Geography or history?

Scores of candidates ponder over what optional subject to take for the UPSC CSE. The subjects Geography and History are quite popular with candidates….Comparing History and Geography Optionals for UPSC Mains.

Subject History Geography
Success Rate Generally greater than 5\%. Generally greater than 5\%.

Why is geography an optional subject in the UPSC Mains Exam?

Geography is a highly popular optional subject in the UPSC mains exam. It is especially popular with candidates with a science or engineering background because of the nature of the subject itself. It is a science and this makes it attractive for such candidates. It is also popular because of the overlap with the syllabus for UPSC.

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What is the syllabus of egeography optional?

Geography optional syllabus can be broadly divided into three parts. It constitutes Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Indian Geography. Paper I consists of physical and human geography and Paper II consists of Indian geography. Physical geography section is quite technical and scoring.

Is geography a good optional subject for IAS?

Geography is one of the most popular optional subjects for IAS aspirants. The significant overlap of the Geography optional syllabus with GS 1 and CSE Prelims exam is one of the key reasons behind its popularity. In 2015, AIR 1, Ira Singhal aced the exam with the same optional. However, its comprehensive syllabus is a challenge.

What are the advantages of taking geography as an optional subject?

Having geography as your optional you have following advantages. It is scientific so once you understand the concept then you can write answer in your own words …flowery language isn’t required like other humanity subjects.

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