What is the post of joint secretary?

What is the post of joint secretary?

Joint secretary is the overall in charge with the necessary measure of independent functioning and responsibility of the wing of the department allocated and entrusted to him.

What are the duties of joint secretary?

A joint secretary in charge of Administration also exercises all administrative powers as head of the department wing of the ministry/department. Additional secretaries and joint secretaries are responsible for filing all affidavits and responses before the Supreme Court of India.

How long does it take to become a joint secretary?

Officers belonging to Central Secretariat Service should have eight years of service in the Selection Grade (Deputy Secretary or equivalent) and should have been assessed suitable for the post of Director for a minimum continuous period of three years for being eligible to hold posts of Joint Secretary level under the …

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What are the powers of secretary?

The role of a secretary is as follows:

  • To act as the administrative head of the ministry or department.
  • To act as the chief adviser to the minister on all aspects of policy and administrative affairs.
  • To represent the ministry or department before the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament of India.

How many IAS officers are in the Joint Secretary post in India?

Still, According to the Seventh Central Pay Commission of India, IAS officers hold 249 out of 341 positions of Joint Secretary in the Government of India. In 2021, as per media reports the share of IAS at Joint Secretary in Government of India has fallen to 33\%.

What is the work of Joint Secretary in Government of India?

In the functioning of Government of India, a joint secretary is the administrative head of a wing in a department. Joint secretaries — on deputation — can hold senior positions at the United Nations, such as India’s permanent representative to UNESCO, Conference on Disarmament.

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What is the rank of Joint Secretary in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the rank is equivalent to Grade BPS-21 in post of Additional Secretary (Central)/Additional Chief Secretary (Provincial) in Central Superior Services. An Indian Diplomatic Passport and an Official Passport generally issued to Joint Secretary (GOI).

How many joint secretaries are there in the Central Secretariat?

In 1937, the Central Secretariat contained only seven joint secretaries, who were all members of the Imperial Civil Service. However, by 1946, the number had increased to twenty-five.