What is the cost of Hyderabad Metro?

What is the cost of Hyderabad Metro?

Hyderabad Metro Rail Ticket Fare Based on Distance:

S.No Distance Ticket Fare
1 0 to 2 Kms Rs.10
2 2 to 4 Kms Rs.15
3 4 to 6 Kms Rs.25
4 6 to 8 Kms Rs.30

How can I shop in Hyderabad Metro station?

Interchange and special stations have retail spaces ranging from 10,000 s. ft. to 40,000 s. ft. with store sizes ranging from 1500 s….Eligibility for Station Retail:

  1. Firm Registration Certificate.
  2. Firm PAN Card.
  3. TIN Number.
  4. Current account with a bank.
  5. Experience managing/handling similar business in the past.

Which is the biggest metro station in Hyderabad?

Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station
Ameerpet metro station is an interchange metro station between the Red Line and Blue Line of the Hyderabad Metro. The Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is one of the largest metro stations in India with a sprawling premises over 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2)….Ameerpet metro station.

Opened 29 November 2017

Are cycles allowed in Hyderabad Metro?

It is excellent news for cyclists of the city, now that they can use the convenience of the metro in their bicycle commute. There is a one tiny hiccup though, the metro rules ‘request’ passengers to carry bicycles only during non-peak hours.

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What is Red Line in Hyderabad Metro?

The Red Line of Hyderabad Metro runs in a northwest–southeast direction, passing through the centre of the city. It is around 29 km long and has 27 stations. The line uses standard gauge (1435 mm) tracks and 25 kilovolt alternating current supplied via overhead wires.

When Hyderabad metro will start?

November 29, 2017
Hyderabad Metro/Began operations

Is Hyderabad Metro profitable?

The revenues of Hyderabad Metro rail from operations as well as other income in the last fiscal stood at Rs 228 crore (this includes fare as well as non-fare revenue) as against Rs 598.20 crore revenue for the previous financial year.

Is Hyderabad Metro a failure?

As per data due to Covid pandemic Hyderabad Metro rail which had a footfall of over 1.30 lakh per day before the Covid has fallen by 50 per cent and also is incurring losses around Rs 1700 crore in 2020 and total accumulated loss is of Rs 4000 crore.

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Can we carry alcohol in Hyderabad Metro?

While they will be allowed to carry two ‘sealed’ liquor bottles on the Metro, consuming liquor in transit or anywhere within the metro premises is a strict no-no, Hyderabad Metro Rail authorities said on Monday spelling out their liquor policy for the first time.

What is Metro Suvarna offer?

Metro Suvarna Offer is a festive special offer extended by L Metro to the citizens of Hyderabad to Travel Safely with Comfort and Convenience at a discounted price. L Metro has launched Metro Suvarna offers with different options to ensure No Passenger is left in availing and enjoying each travel of the passenger.

Is Hyderabad Metro success?

Is Hyderabad Metro a successful project? As per a survey by Keolis International, the Hyderabad Metro tops in passenger satisfaction at 98.5\%. The passenger satisfaction rate of Hyderabad Metro exceeds Melbourne Metro, London Metro, and many others.

Is Hyderabad Metro City for HRA?

Actual HRA paid. 40\% of salary (Basic + DA), since Hyderabad is a non-metro city.

Why invest in Hyderabad Metro Rail?

Hyderabad Metro Rail, as a seamless and a comfortable mode of travel is not only a boon to the commuters but also to retailers who are encouraged to set up various types of retail stores at the stations. At HMR, we have developed each station as an independent centre catering to the needs of the traffic plying through it on a daily basis.

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How to contact Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card customer care center?

You can contact us at 040-2333-2555 or visit a Customer Care Center at any Metro station for fare information. Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card is a virtual wallet that facilitates you with seamless travel.

Where can I buy a smart card in Delhi Metro?

A smart card can be purchased from a ticketing office at any of the Metro Station as per your convenience for Rs. 100/-. Rs. 50/- of Rs. 100/- is towards One time security deposit which is not refundable and balance Rs. 50/- is your travel value.

How much does it cost to live in Hyderabad per month?

Cost of Living in Hyderabad. Summary about cost of living in Hyderabad: Four-person family monthly costs: 1,079.86$ (77,403.03Rs) without rent (using our estimator). A single person monthly costs: 303.87$ (21,781.37Rs) without rent.