What is AirTags?

What is AirTags?

AirTag is a supereasy way to keep track of your stuff. Attach one to your keys, slip another in your backpack. And just like that, they’re on your radar in the Find My app, where you can also track down your Apple devices and keep up with friends and family.

How long do AirTags last?

about one year
Apple claims that the battery of an AirTag should last about one year, but we won’t know for sure how accurate that is until a year has gone by since release.

How precise are AirTags?

We found that the U1 chip in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are great at finding the AirTag. Using the Ultra Wideband frequency, you’ll be able to track from 15 feet away to inches.

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How do I get AirTags?

See your AirTag on the map

  1. Open the Find My app, then tap the Items tab.
  2. Choose the AirTag you want to locate in the Items list. If the AirTag is within range of your device or the Find My network recently detected it, you will see it on the map. An updated location and timestamp will appear under its name.

How do you use AirTag on iPhone?

Add an AirTag

  1. Go to the Home Screen on your iPhone.
  2. Remove the battery tab from the AirTag (if applicable), then hold it near your iPhone.
  3. Tap Connect on the screen of your iPhone.
  4. Choose a name from the list or choose Custom Name to type a name and select an emoji, then tap Continue.

Can I use AirTag to track my child?

Utilizing Apple’s Find My network, an AirTag is capable of working offline and tracking your child as long as it is within proximity of any Apple device.

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Are AirTags good for dogs?

Since AirTags are not meant to be used for pet tracking, they can get damaged more easily, which can cause them to malfunction. Pets can lose it – if your pet gets lost or runs away, and loses the AirTag, you will be able to locate the AirTag, but not the pet.

How long does an Airpod battery last?

Your AirPods can get up to 5 hours of listening time15 or 3 hours of talk time on a single charge. If you charge your AirPods for 15 minutes in their case, you get up to 3 hours of listening time17 or up to 2 hours of talk time.

What is precision finding?

Precision Finding is an advanced technology within Apple’s AirTags that can more accurately determine the distance and direction to a lost AirTag when it is in range. It allows users to get more precise directions to their items, so long as they have an iPhone 13 model, iPhone 12 model or iPhone 11 model.

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How do I enable precision finding?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and check that Location Services is on. Scroll down and tap Find My. Check “Ask Next Time,” “While Using the App,” or “While Using the App or Widgets.” For the most accurate location, turn on Precise Location.

How do I find AirTags near me?

Use Tracker Detect on Android to scan for AirTags If this is your first time using Tracker Detect, you’ll be prompted to give the app access to Bluetooth, which it needs to find any AirTags. Your Android will scan for up to a minute, and if it finds an AirTag near you, it will appear as “Unknown Airtag.”

How do you know if AirTag is tracking you?