What does edit block mean?

What does edit block mean?

When you edit a block, you can add, remove, or modify sketch entities, as well as change existing relations and dimensions.

Why did I get banned from Quora?

Reasons for which users are banned from Quora (ToS violations): Being a minor under 13. Having multiple (sock puppet) accounts. Running malicious software or bots.

When should I use a block editor?

The Block Editor contains a special authoring area in which you can draw and edit geometry as you would in the drawing area. You use the Block Editor to define the objects and behavior for a block definition. In the Block Editor, you add parameters and actions, which define custom properties and dynamic behavior.

How do you modify a block?

To Modify the Description of a Block

  1. Click Insert tab Block Definition panel Create Block.
  2. In the Block Definition dialog box, in the Name list, select the block for which you want to modify the block description.
  3. In the Description box, enter or modify the description of the block.
  4. Click OK.
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Can Quora ban me?

Affiliate links are not allowed on Quora and any content that use affiliate links will be considered spam, with the exception of the accounts approved for Quora’s pilot program described at [link]. If your content is determined to be spam: Your account may be blocked or banned.

What is the difference between a ban and an edit block?

A ban is different than an edit block because it not only prevents the person from editing, it also prevents them from using the site, upvoting, downvoting, messaging, etc. Basically, they can’t log in at all. Deactivating is something that users can do themselves.

Can I still use Quora If I am edit-blocked?

If you are edit-blocked, you can still use Quora, but you won’t be able to contribute to Quora for the duration of your edit-block. This means that you will be unable to: add questions, answers, or comments edit content (update answers/posts, add/remove topics, etc.)

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Why do people get banned from Quora for no reason?

They post a significant number of questions , answers, and/or comments that aren’t helpful. They repeatedly violate Quora policies and/or does not change her behavior after receiving a content warning. In most cases, admins have the discretion to make edit-block and banning decisions based on their own judgment.

How long do editedit-blocks last?

Edit-blocks generally last until the person responds via PM and makes his case to be unblocked. They vandalize content on the site that is editable by everyone, including questions and answer summaries. They engage in one or more actions which violate the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy.