What are counterintuitive strategy?

What are counterintuitive strategy?

Counterintuitive strategy means doing the opposite to what your intuition tells you to do. Your intuition is probably based on your past experience and the information or misinformation you’ve picked up along the way.

What are some counterintuitive things?

12 Essential Life Tips That Are Counterintuitive But True

  • Happiness = Outcome – Expectations.
  • You can accomplish more if you work less and sleep more.
  • Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  • You can pay the farmer, or you can pay the doctor.

How do you deal with counterintuitive people?

9 counterintuitive tips for dealing with people

  1. Compromise isn’t always best.
  2. There’s always time to think before you reply.
  3. Avoiding confrontation doesn’t reduce tension.
  4. Ask “why” more.
  5. Sometimes passion beats experience.

What is counterintuitive behavior?

Counterintuitive behavior means that actions intended to produce a desired outcome may generate opposite results. It has been said that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Things can get worse before getting better, or vice versa. One can win or lose for the wrong reason.

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Is counterintuitive hyphenated?

Writing tip: note that counterintuitive is one of those words that used to be commonly hyphenated (like “nonetheless” and “secondhand”) but is now generally spelled as a single word.

What importance does counterintuitive play in our real life?

Conclusion. From the decisions we make to the way we deal with people, life is full of lessons that are completely counterintuitive. Knowing these can help us make the right choices to get the results we want.

What is another word for counterintuitive?

What is another word for counterintuitive?

unreasonable faulty
nonsensical absurd
capricious contradictory
erratic preposterous
reasonless senseless

What does counterintuitive mean in simple terms?

Definition of counterintuitive : contrary to what one would intuitively expect As counterintuitive as it may seem, the universe has no center, and it has no boundary.— Jim Bell. Other Words from counterintuitive More Example Sentences Learn More About counterintuitive.

What is a counterintuitive result?

If something is counterintuitive it means it’s the opposite of “intuitive” — in other words it’s not easily understood in an instinctive, unconscious way. A red light for “go” and a green light for “stop” would be highly counterintuitive, for example.

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How do you use counterintuitive in a sentence?

Counterintuitive in a Sentence 🔉

  1. To many people it appears counterintuitive that eating more meals can help trigger weight loss.
  2. The article’s counterintuitive tips for getting the partner of my dreams are techniques I never would have attempted.

What is the root word of counterintuitive?

counterintuitive (adj.) also counter-intuitive, “contrary to intuition, opposed to what would be expected,” 1955, from counter- + intuitive.