Is there anyone who can Beat Giorno?

Is there anyone who can Beat Giorno?

to beat giorno giovanna you would need the power of “heaven” that includes the heaven plan. the plan to achieve heaven was written by dio before and during the events of part 3: stardust crusaders.

Is Ger the strongest Stand?

So ger is considered the strongest canon he is called that because of how araki wrote I am going to go indept on ger and it’s very very few weaknesses. So let’s start with the small fish.

Who can defeat GER?

But it comes down to only immortal dbz characters being able to defeat ger by outliving giorno. Kaioshins, hakaishins, angels, zeno, and buu could beat ger in this way. They are too strong for muda muda muda to work but will not be able to counter attack. They just wait for mortal giorno to die.

Can GER beat people like Akuto Sai?

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There are people like Akuto Sai and Featherine who just aren’t bound by reality and could simply erase GER by writing it out of existence. GER beating them is like GER beating the author that created him. People like CA Superman who adapts to everything before it happens, has plot manipulation, and is above all concepts.

Is Ger the most powerful JoJo character?

It defeated Diavolo, one of JoJo’s most powerful stand users, and though it lacks the sheer force or speed possessed by Enrico Pucci’s Made In Heaven and Johnny Joestar’s Tusk Act 4, GER is able to negate and reset many things. Moving on to the non-canon JoJo universe, 2 beings possess a power beyond even Requiem.

Would Saitama have beaten Giorno with Ger?

While there are some serious criticisms of the always superpowerful shonen protagonists we seem to come across, it’s kind of not relevant to absolute god-level powerful characters like Giorno with GER. Saitama would put up a good fight, but provided he was able to be harmed, it’s done for.

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