Is NUS computing better than NTU?

Is NUS computing better than NTU?

Overall, NUS ranked 11th out of 1,000 universities, while NTU came in 13th. NUS’s computer science and information systems course shot up from 12th in 2020 to 4th place this year while the mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing programme at NUS jumped from 11th to 5th.

What is NTU Renaissance engineering?

The Renaissance Engineering Programme is NTU’s flagship engineering programme that aims to nurture engineering leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit to serve society. Our integrated and fully residential programme covers a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary subjects bridging engineering, business and humanities.

Is NTU EEE good?

NTU School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NTU EEE) is one of the largest and most highly ranked schools in the world with over 3,000 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students. Each year, the School graduates over a thousand students who are ready to take on great ambitions and challenges.

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Is Rep a scholarship?

The REP Scholarship is awarded to outstanding freshmen pursuing a full-time Renaissance Engineering Programme in NTU.

Is Bachelor of Engineering a professional degree?

Benefits of a Professional Degree Popular degree courses are B. Tech (engineering), MBBS (medical), BDS (dentistry), and B. Arch. Other off-beat courses such as culinary arts and animation also fall under the purview of professional courses.

Is NTU engineering direct honours?

The School offers a four-year undergraduate degree programme in Bioengineering (BIE). Upon graduation, successful students will be awarded direct honours.

Is NTU Renaissance engineering programme (Rep) accredited?

Our Bachelor of Engineering Science (Engineering Specialisation) degree at NTU Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) is accredited by The Institution of Engineers Singapore, the Singapore signatory of the Washington Accord, through its Engineering Accreditation Board.

What is the dual degree programme at Nanyang Business School?

This four-and-a-half-year dual-degree programme comprises Bachelor of Engineering Science (with specialisation in a chosen engineering discipline), awarded by College of Engineering; and Master of Science in Technology Management, awarded by Nanyang Business School.

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What is it like to study Renaissance at NTU?

Students of the Renaissance programme can also enjoy the prestige of being the top 60+ students out of the almost 3000 engineering students in NTU, of a course oversubscribed many times over by post A Level and Poly students.

Is the NUS global accelerated engineering programme worth it?

NUS’s Global Accelerated Engineering Programme does offer a rather diverse course, but it lacks the range of things offered in the Renaissance programme such as Business and Liberal Arts. The Renaissance programme is indeed a very interesting and diverse course which accepts only the top students, and if you’re willing to study alongside very