Is Hiruzen faster than Tobirama?

Is Hiruzen faster than Tobirama?

1 NOT FASTER: HIRUZEN SARUTOBI In fact, it was Tobirama who named Hiruzen as his successor. Hiruzen surpassed his master in every aspect except one: speed. While he was more knowledgeable and skilled than his teacher, Hiruzen was lacking in pace. He could never compete against the speed of Tobirama.

Is Hiruzen stronger than hashirama and Tobirama?

It is said that in his prime, Hiruzen was stronger than ever other Hokage who came before him, and yes, that includes Hashirama Senju. Despite being way over 60 years in age, he showed his massive power by fighting Orochimaru, Edo Hashirama, and Edo Tobirama all on his own, which often goes unnoticed.

Can Hiruzen beat hashirama?

Hashirama would easily beat Hiruzen. The reason Hiruzen was able to beat Hashirama and Tobirama was because when they were revived using Edo Tensei they were basically zombies. They were only at about 10-20\% of their original power because Orochimaru wasn’t good at the technique at that point.

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Can Hiruzen use all chakra natures?

Hiruzen can use all 7. The 5 elemental transformations and Yin and Yang transformations. Excluding characters with Six Paths and Otsutsuki couple other characters have all 5. Also, NO filler characters included.

Is Tobirama stronger than old man Hiruzen?

Hiruzen was still 69yr old Hiruzen, just weaker and with unlimited refill of chakra. Therefor Tobirama is stronger than Old Man Hiruzen even with both as Edo’s, so what’s the point?

Is Hiruzen the strongest shinobi?

No. Hiruzen was not the strongest as far as strength goes, but he was certainly the most talented and had the greatest variety of “weapons” available to him. It has already been mentioned that he earned the nickname of “The Professor” and “The God of Shinobi”.

Can Tobirama tell if Hashirama and Madara were restored to full power?

Except, Tobirama is the inventor of the jutsu and also the best sensor-type shinobi out of all of them. He should be able to tell via sensing that they were all restored to near full power. Can you tell me and cite which statements that Hashirama and Madara made that made it clear that they were nowhere near their living strength?

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Did Tobirama ever break Orochimaru’s hold?

This is attested by the fact that Hashirama effortlessly broke Orochimaru’s hold on him, while Tobirama came dangerously close to doing so. The only thing that stopped him was Orochimaru’s possession of magical Hashi cells. Were it not for that, Tobirama would have wrecked Oro’s ass.